TOTALENERGIES TVET Scholarship Program 2022 Is Open

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TOTALENERGIES EP PNG LIMITED, the Operator of Papua LNG Project in the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea is offering another round of scholarships to study TVET programs at Port Moresby Technical College in 2022.

This new round of TVET Scholarships is being offered to Grade 12 Graduates from Gulf Province Secondary Schools who graduated in the years 2019 to 2020.

TEP PNG sponsored a first group of Gulf Secondary School Graduates to study at Port Moresby Technical College in 2019. Half of the students studied Mechanical Fitting & Machining , while others studied Building and Construction .

The first 30 of these students completed a National Certificate III in April 2021. Another 42 students sponsored by TEP PNG will graduate with a National Certificate III in November of 2021.

The Scholarship is designed to provide opportunities for youth from Gulf Province to undertake tertiary study programs, provide a pathway for employment and contribute to social and economic development for the people of Gulf Province.

The scholarship pays the full cost of Boarding and Tuition fees plus a Weekly Stipend at Port Moresby Technical College for the selected candidates. Awardees must travel to, at their own cost to Port Moresby Technical College to register and begin their Training at Port Moresby College on the advised day.

The training offered under this scholarship is restricted to the Construction, Engineering and Hospitality trade occupations that will be required during the Papua LNG construction project. Those who complete this training and wish to find employment with the Papua LNG Project will also need  to apply to the contractors who build and operate the Project.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria.

The award of this scholarship is based on the following eligibility and selection criteria.

  • Applicants must be from Gulf Province heritage;
  • Have completed their Higher School Certificate in 2019 and 2020 at a Secondary School in Gulf Province
  • Achieved the academic standard (Point Grade Average) required to enroll in the nominated programs(s) of study.
  • Submit a Medical Examination  report performed by a registered medical practitioner which declares  they fit to undertake training program.

Eligible Higher School Certificate graduates who wish to apply must complete and submit the required Scholarship Application Form and Medical Examination Report Form by 31st  October 2021.

Scholarship Distribution or Collection Locations

If you wish to apply, collect a copy of the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM and the MEDICAL EXAMINATION REPORT FORM from the following distribution/collection locations.

  • Malalaua Secondary School
  • Kerema Coronation Secondary School, Kerema
  • Don Bosco Technical Secondary School, Araimiri
  • Kikori Secondary School, Kikori
  • Kapuna Rural Hospital, Baimuru
  • Gulf Provincial Education Office, Kerema
  • Community Liaison, Office, Herd Base, Purari
  • Ground Floor, Deloite Haus, MacGregor Street, CBD Port Moresby

Scholarship Application Submission.

Post to:

TEP PNG Scholarship Program, PO Box 1145, Port Moresby 121, NCD

If you wish to be considered for this scholarship, you must submit the completed SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM and MEDICAL EXAMINATION REPORT FORM in a sealed envelope by close of business 31st October, to one of the above distribution/collection locations. Address your envelope to TEP PNG 2022 TVET Scholarship Program.

Further information about this program will be provided if you phone the

TOLL-FREE number 70 111 777

Source: Exact public notice in the local newspapers on Thursday 12th August 2021

Additional Information

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TotalEnergies PNG Official Facebook Page.

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