How to Create A Facebook Page for Business or an Organization.

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Use of social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn and etc are becoming part of everyday life for almost every individual. Particularly the younger generation between the age of 12 and 60.  As more and more people are using internet enabled mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops users of this social media platforms keep rising. Papua New Guineans are no different when comes to social media use. The trend will continue to rise. According to data analytic website  there were 1.9 billion daily active users on Facebook in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Facebook Users-Market Potential for Businesses and Organizations.

The sheer number of users on Facebook is a huge market potential for businesses and organizations. Facebook is generating billions of dollars serving paid advertisements to the users. On the other hand, it is allowing the users to use it’s platform for free to share contents, photos and communicate with friends, family members and relatives from anywhere around the world. Users are can create online communities according to their common interest, hobby and subjects that they value and  care about.  It is also a communication medium which as has given a lot of people to express their opinions, views and engage with other members of the wider community.

Since Facebook is so popular and common, in PNG, local SME business owners can use Facebook to create their business or organization’s digital footprints on the internet and connect with potential customers.  The way to do that is create an organization or the business’s Facebook Page.

How to create Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page for your business or organization is quiet easier  than most people think. Most people who are tech savvy or have functional computer skills can create one easily. Functional computer skills are basic computer skills like accessing the internet, write, receive and send email, interact on social media plat forms, operate a computer, use applications such as Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and tc. Not the too technical side of computing.  Here is how to do it.

What you need or require to create a Facebook Page.

The following are needed to create Facebook Page.

  1. Internet access through Mobile Phone, Wireless Routers or landline or at workplace.
  2. Have an existing Facebook Account. If don’t have one then create one visiting the website and click Create Account button. If you are creating a new Facebook Account, you need to have your email address and mobile phone number ready before start creating the account. Email address and Mobile Phone number are required for Facebook to confirm to activate your account or for verification purposes. Rest is just follow the Sign Up dialog screen fields and directions to complete it.
  3. The information you need to have on hand are your business or organizational phone numbers, email address and  website address if your organization or business has a website.

Steps of create the Facebook Page.

  1. Login in your normal Facebook Account.  It is recommended you use a Tablet. desktop or laptop PC to get a wider screen area. From smaller smart phones, it’s may cause a bit of inconvenience in scrolling around and look for different menu options.
  2. Once login in-Click the Menu icon  on the top right hand corner of your screen.  Then from the drop down menu list click Page . It will display Facebook Page Window with Create Page pane on the left of the screen. Pay close attention to the required boxes in the Create Page pane.
Figure 1-Menu with the link to create Facebook Page


Figure 2: Page Information Pane.


Page name

This is important. It is the name that will appear on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. The name will also appear on the address bar of internet browser software like  Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and etc that the people are using to access and view websites. . So standard Facebook Page address follows the format . For example, the Facebook page for this blog is . Think of this as your own mini website address of your business or organization on Facebook. You can include the Facebook address on your ID Card, marketing publications, promotions materials, share as  link in emails and etc.

Therefore, the name should be short and one word if it consists of more than one word. For example, if your company name is Kanage Bakery, then Facebook page name should be kanagebakery  not Kanage Bakery. So the Facebook Page web address is which is easier to remember. Real examples  are the Facebook Page address of BSP Bank.   (one word name). Brian Bell Group of companies  Facebook page   (one name).

Example of Facebook Address that uses more than one word is Hagen Park Secondary School in Hagen, WHP  Facebook page.


The category name that fits your organization or business. Example, Bakery, Education, Social Services, Real Estate, Logistics, Hotel and etc. Type in the box  and Facebook will offer the list of options for you to choose. You can type in more than one by pressing Enter after each category word.


Here you write a short but very catching description of your company or organizations. Choose some keywords that relate to your organization. For example for the Sample Kanage Bakery would be like.

“Are 100% PNG Owned local bakery based at Saraga Street POM. We bake fresh breads and pastries every morning. “


There two images are important. They are your signboard pictures to welcome the visitors and portrays your business or organization.

Profile Image

Lot of face pages creators  don’t get this right in PNG. Profile image is basically the logo of your business. If you have logo, use that. If need a logo and you don’t have one, then you can use online Logo Maker websites and . to create your logo. Then download the logo image and use it. Don’t use any other normal photographs. If you do then the image will have problems as Facebook  tries to resize to fit in.

 Cover Photo

This image is the big image. The face of your Facebook page. Again, create a image with Photo editing software with no many writings over the image. Example list of services your business offer, contact details and etc. You can do it but the point is, make the image clean as possible. Also, using a Facebook Cover Template from websites such as is recommended. So that the image fits in nicely with than the image becoming blurred or stretched out if you use standard any  photograph. has some very good Facebook Cover image templates which you can edit with your preferred image, download and then use as your Facebook  page Cover image.

Also, it is recommended that you can prepare your Profile and Cover Photo in prior to creating your face. Otherwise, create a good one and edit later after creating the page.

3. Click Create to create it. It will show a dialog to get your phone number to link the page with Whats’up. If you want viewers to contact you with What’s up, you cand enter your phone. Otherwise, skip it.

4. Finishing it off your Facebook Page.

Your Facebook is created and now you can add the other vital information like

  • Website address of your company or organization
  • Location information
  • Business Opening Hours
  • Phone numbers
  • Inviting Friends to like your page and etc.

Updating Your Facebook Page and Administration.

By default, you are the administrator. When you login using your normal Facebook account, on your left Pages link will be shown . Click on it and all your Facebook Pages you create under your account will be shown. Click on the name of the Facebook Page and it will lead you to the particular Facebook Page and you can edit settings, Create Post and etc.

That’s how easy it is to create your Facebook page.