Training Institutions Registered with PNG National Training Council of (PNG NTC)

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The general public is hereby advised of the current status of the Registered Training Institutions or  Providers accredited and registered with the  PNG National Training Council (NTC) to deliver training. Training Providers not listed on the list are either have not renewed their  registration or have not been accredited with NTC.

The list outlines five (5) different categories

  1. Private Training Providers-Commercial
  2. Private Training Providers-In House (Non-Commercial)
  3. Private Training Providers-Churches (Commercial)
  4. PNG Government Institutions including SOEs.
  5. Training Providers-Foreign (Commercial)

List of Newly Registered Training Providers Accredited in 2020

Private Training Providers-Commercial

NTCID                  Name                                  Expiry Date                        Location

259  Josien Training and Consultancy                19th Nov 2022                   NCD

Private Training Providers-Foreign

258        Workplace Skills Development    19th Nov 2022                   NCD

List of Registered Training Providers Accredited in 20219

Private Training Providers-Commercial

NTCID                  Name                                  Expiry Date                        Location

250                          SOKO Enterprise Limited               28th Mar 2021                NCD

251                           Pacific Partners Development Institute   08th Aug 2021     NCD

253                       Computing and Communications Institute of PNG    08th Aug 2021     NCD

256                       C2 Safety Training Limited            07th Nov 2021    ESP

Private Training Providers-In-House (Non-Commercial)

NTCID                  Name                                  Expiry Date                        Location

254                       NCS Vocational Learning Centre 7th Nov 2021       Morobe

255                       City Pharmacy                  07th Nov 2021                   NCD

PNG Government Colleges and Training Providers including SOEs.

NTCID                  Name                                  Expiry Date                        Location

252                       PNG Immigrations & Citizenship Authority Services           08th Aug 2021     NCD

257                       Internal Revenue Commission Tax Training Academy        9th July 2022       NCD

List of Registered Training Providers who have renewed their registration.

Private Training Providers-Commercial

NTCID                  Name                                  Expiry Date                        Location

121                       Kumul Training Institute 28th Mar 2021                  NCD

181                       Pacific Maritime Training College              08th Aug 2021     NCD

187                       South Pacific Employment Institute          08th Aug 2021     NCD

002                       International Education Agency (IEA) College of TAPE       07th Nov 2021     NCD

009                  International Training Institute (Alotau,Goroka,Mt.Hagen,Kaveing & Kimbe Campuses     07th Nov 2021    NCD &  Locations    specified.

010                       IBS College of TAPE         7th Nov 2021       NCD

072                       Mapex Training Institute              7th Nov 2021       NCD

112                       PNG Institute of Management  7th Nov 2021         NCD

238                       Minerva Learning Centres            7th Nov 2021       NCD

074                       International Training Institute   9th Jul 2022         Morobe

120                       PNG Mining and Petroleum Hospitality Services  9th July 2022       NCD

219                       Oshoma Business Consultants     9th July 2022       NCD

215                       WINGS Education Limited             19th Nov 2022    NCD

001                       Institute of Banking and Business Management   19th Nov 2022    NCD

245                       Flexible Learning Solutions Consultancy Training Services               19th Nov 2022      NCD

Private Training Providers-In House (Non-Commercial)

NTCID                  Name                                  Expiry Date                        Location

168                       Morobe Consolidated Goldfields Training Centre               28th Mar 2021               Morobe

222                      Bank South Pacific Limited           28th Mar 2021                                  NCD

027                      NBPOL Group Training Services   08th Aug 2021                                   Ramu

062                     Fubilan Catering Services              08th Aug 2021                                   Western

099                       Anitua Protective Training Services           08th Aug 2021     ENB

192                       Hargy Oil Palm Limited                                 08th Aug 2021     WNB

216                       Honibrook NGI Limited Training Centre   08th Aug 2021     Morobe

005                       Newcrest Professional Development Centre         7th Nov 2021       NIP

097                       Kenmore Limited Training Centre                             07th Nov 2021    NCD

176                       Hasting Deering Institute of Technology                07th Nov 2021    NCD

178                       Barrick Niugini Limited (Formerly PVJ Training Centre       07th Nov 2021 Enga

179                       Ela Motors Training Centre          07th Nov 2021    NCD

226                       PNG Trades Training Academy    07th Nov 2021    NCD

079                       Chemcare Group Limited              19th Nov 2022    Morobe

207                       Mountain Catering Limited (IPI Catering) 19th Nov 2022 NCD

239                       Pacific Training Development Institute    19th Nov 2022    NCD

PNG Government Colleges and Training Providers-including SOEs

NTCID                  Name                                  Expiry Date                        Location

186                       Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG)    07th Nov 2021    NCD

068                       National Fisheries College            19th Nov 2022                   NIP


Training providers that are yet to renew their registration are given two(2) weeks from the date of this publication to contact NTC in order to renew the registration. Failure to do so will result in revocation of the training provider’s registration.

These training providers must complete the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) form and submit to the NTC Secretariat office together with support documentation for further risk assessment prior to Screening and Accreditation Committee and NTC Council’s approval and endorsement respectively. If an RTO is unwilling to either cooperate in this process or meet the new standards, its registration as training provider will be revoked in order to protect the reputation of quality compliant organizations.

Training providers who have submitted their renewal documentation will be advised of the risks assessment outcome accordingly.

All RTOs must align their product scope (courses) to the PNG Qualification Framework structure. Failure to do so may result in deferral of renewal or new accreditation and registration.

Advice to the Public

The Public is advised to be aware when enrolling your children/learners for training courses to ensure the Institution is fully certified by the National Training Council or other legitimate authorities such as National Department of Education, Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) and Church Agencies. If not sure of the status of an Institution, please contact the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research (MER) Branch of the National Training Council Secretariat to verify status of the institution. Furthermore, a registered training providers are NOT ALLOWED to advertise courses that are not accredited by the National Training Council.

Training Personal Registration Requirements.

All training personnel seeking registration must acquire PNGQF Certificate 2,3,4 in Training and Assessment (TRA20B), TRA30B,TRA40B) apart from the Professional/Technical Qualifications.

NTC Contact Details

For further information contact the following officers

Ms.Florence Bana-Coordinator TVET and officer responsible for NCD/Southern region.


Ms.Dianne Pakalu-Research Officer and responsible for Momase region.


Mr.Kevin Kalis, Acting Assistant Director-MER Branch and officer responsible for NGI/Highlands region.


Postal Address: P.O.BOX 1170, Boroko, NCD, Papua New Guinea

Tel: +675 3230931 | 3016730 | Fax: +675 320 0639

Authorized to Release by:

Mr.Kansella Geoffrey-Director National Training Council Secretariat

Mr.Ravu Vagi-Secretary-Department of Labour & Industrial Relations and Chairman of National Training Council.

Declaimer: This information was exact transcript of Public Notice published in the local media on Monday 15th Febuary 2021 by the NTC and Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations.