Convert Power Point Slides Presentation into Video Lectures.


Teachers, Lecturers and Instructors working under New Normal living with COVID-19 public safety measures, it’s quite a challenge to make adjustments to engaging with students. One of the challenges is creating student lessons videos to minimize the traditional face to face contact class sessions. Particularly teachers or lecturers working with higher learning institutions in Papua New Guinea, where ICT department lacks the skills and technical capacity to support staff who would like to create video lectures for students. This article shows how to create video lessons in a much simpler way using one of the best PC Screen capturing free software Free Cam.

What you will need to Create Videos

  1. Good quality laptop running on Windows 10 with build-in microphone.
  2. External USB Microphone or chat Headset with Microphone if needed. Otherwise, the build-in microphone will do.
  3. Microsoft Office 2016 or higher versions.
  4. Download and Free Cam software from You can use Free first version and then if wish to you can pay for the Professional subscription.
  5. Download the User Documentations from

Install the software and use the User Documentations and record some dummy videos to familiarize with the software. Features are pretty simple and should be easy to follow.

Create Lessons Power Point Slides using Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Create the class lessons in Microsoft Power Point. Power Point slide presentation is most commonly used by most lecturers, particularly those teaching theory classes. For those teaching science classes, it is advisable to use a video camera to record practical lessons. Only theory parts can be created in PowerPoint.

Do the Screen Recording with Free Cam Software.

Once the Power Point  files are ready, it’s time to do the narration and screen recording using Free Cam software. Run the PowerPoint slides  as it’s Slide Show mode, press the Windows key on the keyboard, to display the start menu and task bar. Launch Free Cam. Set the screen size setting to Full Screen and start recording.

Caution! While recording, DO NOT press the Esc Key on the keyboard during the recording period. Pressing Esc key will stop the recording. You can use the mouse or other keys only.

While recording, make sure you are close to the microphone . If you are  using the inbuilt microphone move closer to the laptop to improve voice  audio quality.  Imagine if you are talking to students or the intended audience while recording. Once you have completed the presentation, press Esc key to stop the recording.

Export The Screen Recording Video File.

The Free version doesn’t have the option to export to  MP4 file format. It only has option to export to wmv file format. Professional version has both file format options. Go ahead and export the file to wmv video file.

Converting the wmv video to MP4 Format.

Since, mp4 file format is standard which can be played on most devices like the TVs, Smartphones and etc, it is a good idea to convert the wmv video file to mp4 file. To do the conversion, use the free Video Editor application that comes with Windows 10.

Type “ Video Editor “ without the quotation marks in the search button on the PC. This is to launch Video Editor application. It’s very basic application, so click on Start New Video Project. Name your Video, and then click on +New  button under Project Library, select This PC and then import or open the wmv file you have created using Free Cam.

Click the file thumbnail image to select it and then click on Place in the Storyboard button or drag it into the storyboard section at the bottom of the screen.

Then click the Finish Video button at the very top right corner of the screen and you file will be created as MP4 which is format compatible with many devices like Smartphones.

Other Computer Screen Demonstrations.

The Free Cam software is also great for doing screen demonstrations. Particularly helpful for teaching software related courses.