Microsoft Bing search engine integrates Co-pilot AI to it.

Image by Lalmch from Pixabay


When it comes to internet search engines of choice, most people prefer Google over Microsoft Bing. Partly its due the popularity of the web browser software as well. Google has the most popular internet web browser-Google Chrome, while the Microsoft has Microsoft Edge. Although Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome can access Google and Bing search engines, the normal tendency for PC users to is to associate Google with Chrome, and Bing with Microsoft Edge.

Another reason Google search engine is popular is because, Google owns the Android Mobile devices operating which powers all most all Mobile devices from smart phones to tablets. As such, Google Mobile  chrome mobile version is so popular makes Google search engine related applications like Google Apps, Gmail, Youtube becomes so popular.

Now, with the popularity AI GPTs, Microsoft is surging ahead to integrate AI into its Bing Search Engine. This takes internet search to new levels for users and the general public.

Integration of Co-Pilot AI GPTs into Bing Search Engine.

Microsoft has changed it’s Bing Search Engine home page. It’s no longer cluttered with trending news headlines, weather, and financial market updates. Those are hidden as menu items and first thing is search box, very much akin to Google Search box with a beautiful natural photo background.

Bing home page

Top the menu item is the Co-Pilot AI  tool.  The search box works in the same familiar way, where you type in your search key words but the power lies in the Co-Pilot AI.

The Co-Pilot AI assisted search engine page has three GPTs initially but the list is expected to increase in the near future as AI applications continues to increase.

To use Co-Pilot AI assisted search engine, one has to register with a Microsoft Account. Which is easy with creating a outlook email account and once the email account is active, you are eligible to sign in using the account and use Co-Pilot.

What is interesting about Co-Pilot IA integration in Bing?

Whenever you type in a prompt question on any topic to Co-Pilot, it not only generates the response but also lists the possible links to the sources from which it has collected and analyzed the response to you.

When the first response is generated and displayed, it also generates related relevant questions to the search subject. This feature will be more useful for generation of business ideas, assignment questions from students and etc.