PNG University of Natural & Environmental Resources (URE)  Has a Well Organized Website

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As PNG progressed into the digital information age, universities and tertiary institutions should maintain their digital presence with an updated and functioning website for students, parents and the public at large. Almost all the five state universities does have websites for quite a long time but their regular maintenance has been an issue.  They have lots of information but information was poorly organized on the website. One the think is the best so far is the recent PNG University of Natural & Environmental Resources (UPNG UNRE). PNGURE hasn’t had a good website for some time but this one stands out in the way information organized and presented. It sets the bar for other universities to follow.

It’s not about having the IT staff or the institutional brand, website is about interacting with the public and presenting the right information to the students, parents, sponsors the general public in this age of technology.

Links to all the government universities websites.

  1. Western Pacific University (Ialibu-Pangia District-Southern Highlands Province)
  2. University of Goroka(Goroka-Eastern Highlands Province)
  3. PNG University of Technology (UNITECH), Lae, Morobe Province
  4. University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), Port Moresby NCD
  5. PNG University of Natural and Environmental Resources (PNGUNRE), Rabaul, ENB Province.

  6. Innovative University of Enga (IUE)-Recently established by Act of Parliament-In Progress.

Website Information Organization

Institutional websites needs to designed from a client’s interaction point of view. With the current explosion of cloud computing, universities doesn’t need technical ICT staff, department or expensive budget to have a functional , updated and informative site. They can easily buy fully developed Website Theme packages from the internet and host it on cheap overseas hosting platforms. For a Budget of low as K3,000.00  it’s possible and any creative person with a technology savvy person can do it. For IT staff at the universities, they have internet access 24/7 and there shouldn’t be any excuse for having a substandard website.

Information Security

One understanding universities have is about information security. They are always mindful of what information is being released to the public. At the same time, they are paying big money to newspaper companies to advertise their fees, announcements, and etc. The main function of the website is to publish and disclose information that is for the public. Otherwise, why have website in the first instance. Student Information Systems (SMS) or other operational systems thy use  takes care of all information that is confidential. Websites are meant for interacting with public. As such, the information should be well organized and presented on the website.

Other Colleges

It is also unfortunate that most of the Higher Education Institutions(HEIs), doesn’t have a digital presence via a website or a social media page. Most of the Facebook Media pages of these institutions are created and maintained by student groups and others for the sake of sharing information.

DHERST should make it compulsory for all Higher Learning Institutions (HEIs)  so that all basic information such as Programs Structures, entry requires, school facilities, contact details, announcements and etc should be available 24/7.

 Benefit for Grade 12 Program Selections

During Grade 12 School Leaver Form filling on the National Online Selection System, all Secondary Schools Principles and Guidance Officers and even students can have access to updated information and make informed program choices.

DHERST, Provincial Education Boards, Higher Learning Institutions must make institutional websites a compulsory requirements then leaving it to the discretion of the institutions.

For now, Congratulations and well done  UPNGUNRE IT/Website team for a well-organized site.