Install Ubuntu Open Source Operating System on any PC for Free and use it.


Every time, a new year comes people make all sorts of plans and resolutions. Particularly, if you are student or SME owner, might plan to invest in a Personal Computer (laptop or desktop) but you don’t have the money to buy a standard one with Windows Operating Systems (eg Windows 10, Windows 11) and also to have Microsoft Office Application (which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc). Most Laptops and desktop PCs starting  price  is K1,500.00 and above.

If you in this situation, there is Good News, thanks to developers of Open Source Software. You can run a desktop or Laptop using Ubuntu Open Source Operating System and any of the two most popular Open Source Office applications OpenOffice and LibreOffice and you have a complete functioning PC  that you can use for any purpose. Here is how to do this;

Things you will need or require

  1. PC/Laptop without operating system
  2. Internet Access
  3. Ubuntu Open Source Operating System file
  4. Either OpenOffice or LibreOffice file.
  5. Other Open Source software as needed.

Desktop/Laptop without operating System

First thing you will need is a Desktop or Laptop without Operating System. Most of the PCs and Laptops sold in Papua New Guinea are Windows PCs (meaning they have pre-installed Windows Operating Systems, eg Windows 10, Windows 11 etc). So, price of Windows Operating System is already factored in the cost. So, you ask the sales personnel if they can sell you a PC or a laptop without Operating system. In most cases, their respond will not be willing to do that because, all new PCs comes with Windows Operating System. So they don’t want to take the risk of  spoiling one. If they want to, they will ask you if you already have Operating System and you can install it yourself.

The second option is to look for any desktop or PC that doesn’t have a operating system. For example, you start the PC and only white messages shown on a black screen. You can ask from friends, relatives or anyone. However, it doesn’t have to be a junk PC.

Internet Access

Once you have secured a PC. The next thing is you need the Ubuntu Open Source Operating System ISO file. To download this, you need  internet access, either through Mobile your mobile phone or some other means.  You can ask your relatives or friends to download the file for you .

Download Ubuntu Desktop Operating System

Go to Ubuntu website and download the

Also, its important to check the step by step installation guide

Once you have downloaded the file, follow the installation guide and install the PC.

If you are not a tech savvy person, you might need assistance from someone who can assist you.

If the installation is successful, you will have PC working and Ubuntu desktop, ready to install other applications.

Install OpenOffice or LibreOffice

Now, you need a suite of applications that resembles that of Microsoft Office Applications (eg Word, PowerPoint, Excel). The Open Source alternatives are

  1. Openoffice

  2. LibreOffice

The interface and features are almost the same as Microsoft Office. Although, there a slight differences in feature layouts and functionalities,  these two tick so many boxes.

Go their respective websites and download the files and then install them on the Ubuntu powered PC.

Install other needed software’s

Once you have installed Open Office and LibreOffice,  you can install other open source software as needed.

For example

VLC Media Player

FoxPDF Readers

Audacity Audio

Total Cost

The total cost of you need to incur are the payment for the blank PC and data to download the Ubuntu and OpenOffice or LibreOffice Files. You have a functional PC at a much lower cost compared to standard Windows PC with Microsoft Office include.