How to scan or generate a QR Code from a PC or mobile phone.


QR  CODE (Quick Response Code)  is type of 2-demensional code bar code that is sued to provide quick access to online information (either website/page)  through the camera on a PC or mobile phone. QR CODE is often used on printed publications like posters, brochures, infographics, newspaper advertisements or sticked on objects. The reason is to give the person quick access to the website/online information without necessarily the user having to type the website URL address. Once the QR Code is scanned, through the mobile phone or PC camera, it easily takes launches the web browser software like Google, Microsoft Edge (the default browser on the PC or mobile phone) and displays the website address link.

Now are days, QR Codes are quite popular in PNG Content, mainly in the print media. For example, advertisements for  position vacancies, scholarship offerings, product/service advertisements and so forth . So, if you need to scan the QR Code bar code to access online information, here are the steps.

Need a QR Code Scanner software

Use a  QR Scanning Website

QR Code is read by the camera in the PC or mobile phone. So, if you just point the camera to the QR Code, it won’t read it. Meaning it won’t open the browser and display the linked website page. Therefore, you need  QR Code Scanner software.  If you are using a PC or mobile, you can use a online QR Code Scanner website. For that your PC must be connected to the internet. You do a Google Search with the key search words “ QR Scanner” and try the different links from responses provided by the Search Results. One such QR Scan website is

Just be careful with the website as some websites are not good. Follow your instinct. Most of the websites will ask for your permission to give access to your PC camera. So you need to allow it. Remember, QR Code requires the use of camera.

Once the access to the camera is activated, position the QR Code to the camera so it can take a snapshot of it. Once the code image is positioned correctly to the camera, it will capture it and launch the browser software and display the website link or information.

Use a QR Scanner software

The other option is to download a QR Code Scanner software. For mobile phones, search on Google Apps Playstore. There are so many so again go with your instinct and judgement.

Important things to note before you decide on a software and download from Google Apps are;

  1. Number of downloads ( the higher the downloads figure) the more popular or useful the application is.
  2. No of Reviews-You don’t have to read all the Reviews but the more reviews, the more likely that the software developer can improve the software features. Also, read a few complains from other users as well.
  3. Includes advertisements-Some developers will indicate it includes advertisements. Meaning when you use the software, you will see some advertisements with it. Most free versions will have advertisements. It’s acceptable if it’s free as it helps the developer to make money and improve the features. If you don’t like advertisements than pay it and download.
Download page on Playstore

Once, the download and installation is complete. Launch the application, and scan the QR Code. If you try it and you don’t like it, then uninstall the App and download a new one until you get the one that does the job correctly.

Generate QR Code

If you want to generate a QR Code for your website or any online resources you want to share, you can. For example, you want create a Customer Form with Google Forms and want to create a  QR Code of that form and publish it for people to scan the code and access it.

All you need to do a Google Search with the key words “ QR Code Generator”  with the quotes and you can look for one site that suits you. Make sure you have the share link address of the Google Form or address of your website.  Paste that and generate a QR Code image.

Once the image frame is completed, you can download it and save it. One QR Code generator site is

Final comment

If the QR Code linked site is for information purposes, then it’s perfectly OK to use the QR Scanner on your mobile phone.  However, if it for online applications for jobs, scholarships and etc, then it’s best to use a PC and use an either online or installed QR Code Scanner. Filling forms on website on a  PC is more convenient than on Mobile phones.