Call for Expression of Interest-Australia Awards 2025 Scholarships.

Image by Anna Mustermann from Pixabay


Make a difference with an Australia Awards Scholarship Intake in 2025

Join us for an opportunity to gain a world-class education and become an emerging leader with strong links to Australia.

Through the Australian Government’s Australia Awards Scholarships, your career will benefit from new knowledge, leadership skills and the links you create through our global alumni network.

If you are considering applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship in 2025 now is the time to register your interest and receive individual consultation. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Register your expression of interest on or before 1st February 2024  at:

and a member of the  Australian Awards team will contact you regarding the application process and to answer any questions you may have. Eligible applicants will be invited to attend information and individual consultation sessions start from 15 November 2023. Registration is Free

Public Service Category

If you are a PNG public servant it is important you check with your human resources manager or senior development and training officer that you are eligible for an Australia Awards Scholarship.

You must be listed on your department’s Learning and Development Plan and be nominated to apply for scholarship. If you have further questions regarding these requirements, please contact the Department of Personnel Management on 323 6382/358  before registering your interest .

Public servants are not allowed to apply under the open category.

Australia Awards does not work through any education agents.

For more information visit

Application s must meet the following criteria

  • Be a citizen of PNG and reside in PNG
  • Have at least two year’s of work experience in one of the following sectors
    • Agriculture
    • Health
    • Law and justice
    • Transport and infrastructure
    • Education
    • Governance
  • Be committed to returning to PNG and contributing to PNG’s development
  • Applying for a progressive qualification or academic level  (e.g higher level than their current qualification)
  • Higher English language proficiency
  • Not hold conviction of criminal activities


Source: Public notice released in the local media on Friday 3rd November by Australia Awards PNG.