PAU School of Business Celebrates International Accounting Day


Story by Audrey Tesine (Final Year Business student at PAU)

International Accounting Day is celebrated on the 10th November each year but Pacific Adventist Business Faculty students choose  Thursday the 7th of September, 2023  to celebrate and appreciate the importance of accounting. The theme of the event was:

“Balancing your books, balancing your life.”

 A total of eight corporate organizations setup their corporate booths at the Faculty of Business building.  The students had the opportunity to hear and learn more about these organizations’ Graduate Management Programs. This interactions were really helpful to students. Particularly, the Final Year students as they will graduate in December .

The companies or organizations that had booths during the celebration included the following:

Brian Bell Group Booth

Guest Speaker of the event.

The Guest Speaker of the event was Desmond Yaninen who is the President of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Council, as well as the founder of financial services firm, Pacifund and a former graduate of Pacific Adventist University. He was  youngest CEO in PNG at the age of 28. He was accompanied by his wife. He spoke on the day’s theme.

The BLT-2 Lecture room was packed to capacity as Mr. Yaninen told the students to look for business opportunities in areas where society view as problem areas. He encourages the students to develop a entrepreneurial mindset and start their business early in life and grow it. He gave examples of  how his company Pacifund is conducting trainings for local start up business owners  and assisting them to scale up.

He also spoke on how to remain committed and motivated to succeed in business and in life as general.

Westpac Bank booth

The event concluded with a roadshow talk by KPMG team.

The event was informative and fun for both the students and Faculty staff members .

The visitors also had the opportunity spend their lunch hour at beautiful PAU campus before they went back to the city.

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