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For students doing science related programs in areas like biology, chemistry, agriculture, environmental science and etc , at any of the Universities in Papua New Guinea,  Binatang Research center, located in Madang province is by far the internationally recognized Biological Research and Conservation NGO in Papua New Guinea.

It has partnerships with some of the best research funding organizations in Europe and US, like the Czech Ministry of Education, National Geographical Society and etc.

They work with both local and international institutions, research organizations and local villages and schools

Opportunity for students practical work experiences and scholarship.

Papua New Guinea has a high biological diversity with so many species of plants and animals which has the potential to  attract so many researchers from all over the world. Binatang Research Centre has become the focal point to connect PNG students and Universities with international universities, research grant organizations and individual researchers.

This presents a great opportunity for students to expose themselves and experience real field research experience, network with best Professors from international universities and opportunity to secure scholarships through this kind of collaborative arrangements.

Bridget between real field research and theory lessons in class.

Most of the times students are only learning theoretical knowledge in the universities and colleges in PNG. Institutions in PNG lack funding in most cases to support and engage students in real field research in the science fields. As such, Binatang Research Centre is providing a much needed  or often neglected piece in the whole higher education system in Papua New Guinea, which is  engaging academics and students to do research of the nations vast biological diversity of animals, plants as well as conservation practices.

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More information about the work of Binatang Research Center

For students studying science, it’s worth looking at some of the activities Bintang Research Centre is doing and look for any student opportunities that may come up through their institutions or contact the center direct for more information on how they can participate in any of their programs.

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