UPNG Open College Undergraduate Applications for 2023-Still Open for Grade 12s Till 31st January 2023

Image by Naassom Azevedo from Pixabay


Students who have completed Grade 12 last year (2022) who scored good grades but have missed out on DHERST selection from the National Online Application System (NOAS) apply to study any of the programs offered under Open and Distance Learning Mode of the University of Papua New Guinea Open College.

Applications will close on the 31st of January 2023.

Cessation of UPNG Open College Certificate Programs.

Previous years up to last year  ( 2022)  semester 1, UPNG Open College was enrolling Grade 12 School Leavers into it’s two levels of Certificate programs

  1. Certificate 3-In Tertiary Studies (CTS)
  2. Certificate 4- Programs (Certificate 4 in Sciences, Certificate 4 in Social Sciences, Certificate 4 in Business Management Studies, Certificate 4 in Agribusiness Management Studies, Certificate 4 in English Communication, Certificate 4 in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Certificate 4 in Information Technology )

The Certificate 4 programs have helped a lot of Grade 12 School Leavers to complete the programs as a bridging program and then apply for Undergraduate studies to the respective Academic Schools at the University of Papua New Guinea and other higher learning institutions.

Last year (2022), the University of Papua New Guinea governing Council made a strategic decision to cease offering the both Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 programs from 2023 and onwards.  That this means that UPNG Open Campuses and Provincial University Centers will no longer be accepting Grade 12 students to register for Certificate Programs. Instead, the Open Campuses and University Centers will only be providing student enrolment and support services to Undergraduate Students from UPNG studying through Open and Distance Learning Mode (ODL) of study.

Undergraduate Applications for ODL Mode of study.

The DHERST National Online Application System (NOAS) selection is automatic and as such, UPNG has made provisions for recent Grade 12 students who missed out on the NOAS selections and would like to apply to study at UPNG through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode of study to submit their applications from December to January 31st of each New Academic Year.

The December to January (2 months) period gives ample time for students to lodge their applications. For those who have completed Grade 12 last year (2022), applications will close on the 31st of January 2033.

UPNG Non-School Leavers Application Forms

The Non-School Leaver Application is different. This is for individuals who have completed Grade 12 or related qualifications in the past and interested are interested to apply for studies at the University of Papua New Guinea. This application closes on the specific dates announced by UPNG in the public media. The application period is normally between June and November of each year.

How to apply for Undergraduate study at UPNG Open College.

For those interested to apply for this year (2023),  the process is as follows;

  • Download the Application here Download UPNG Open Campus Undergraduate Application
  • Fill it in and submit it a UPNG Open Campus or University Study Centre near you.
  • For those in NCD, drop it off at UPNG Open College, Head Office inside the UPNG Waigani Main Campus.
  • Applications can also be posted direct to the address stated in the Application Form.

Note: The Application Form is also available at UPNG Open Campuses and University Centers in the provinces or districts where UPNG has study centers.