How to save a webpage as pdf file in any web browser.


Searching for specific information on the internet is easy  these days. Type in your key words in your favorite internet search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and  bingo you have all the links of webpages that match your key words. What is hard though is that these links are AI algorithm generated links based search on your key words or phrases and does not mean exactly the kind of information you are looking for your assignment, work,  essay or whatever your specific information requirement is. In most cases, you will go from link to link and waste a lot of previous time, just searching and clinking through those links. Some information maybe exactly what you need and other pages may not be.

So, the option is to collect the information that you matches your information needs and later you can go through and filter them out. The safe bet is to save a web page  that satisfies your information needs and collect enough of them so that you can use them to complete your school assignment, essay, thesis or whatever you are working on. If it’s a recipe, do it yourself article or high anything that you would like to keep it as reference, you can easily download and keep as pdf copy.

Converting webpage into pdf file.

Webpages on websites exist in HTML format. It contains all sorts of elements like images, footers, headings, advertisements, background graphics, menus, buttons, and etc. The browsers software like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari does provide the option to save the page as HTML or print it. Save or Print and other menu options can be accessed by clicking the kebab menu on the right-top corner of the browser software window.

Using the Print Menu option to convert webpage into pdf.

The first option is pretty simple. All you need to do is click on the kebab menu on the top-left corner of your browser window.  Then click on Print. Then on the Destination drop down list, you have various options to select from. To convert to pdf, you can either select Microsoft Print to PDF or Save As PDF. Both options does the same task of converting the html document into pdf.

The most important thing to do before you click the Print or Save button (depending on your chosen Destination option), it to click the More Setting  and uncheck Headers & Footers and Background Graphics  options. This will remove these features so you nice content only page. Otherwise, if you leave these two options uncheck, you run the risk of getting a messy page with unnecessary features. Also, if you have to print the documents, it can save a lot of your previous printer ink by removing the background graphics and etc.

Using Print Friendly and PDF browser plugin to convert webpage to pdf.

You can use the Print or Save options in the browser, but there’s a much better and quicker way to download the webpages to pdf is to use the browser extension called Print Friendly and PDF.

  1. Go to and click on Extensions
  2. Select your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others)
  3. Click Add to Extension button and the Extension will be added to your browser.

Go the webpage that you want to convert to pdf and download on your browser.

On the right of  the website address bar on the browser, click the Extension icon (gear icon in Microsoft Edge,  pin icon in Chrome).

Microsoft Edge Extension icon
Chrome extension icon

From the list of Extension, click on Print friendly & PDF.  This will give you a very clean page of the page with the option to Print, Covert to PDF, and option to Email.