How to Change Your PC Desktop Theme Image To Something Beautiful

Photo by Alexander Kaunas on Unsplash

Your Personal Computer (PC), whether it is a laptop or desktop PC is your office. And most of the time, you work on your PC and it means you stare at your desktop most of the time. It can be boring if you have the same background image all the time. What if the desktop background has beautiful photos of things you love. For example, natural landscape images to give you the feeling of escape to some beautiful places. Or if you love arts, then images of complicated images of paintings to inspire your creativity. Well Microsoft has tons of images to replace your current default desktop themes so you can decorate your desktop background with beautiful images. Here is how to do change the standard desktop theme image  of your PC.

Default Desktop Themes

When Windows 10 Operating System is installed, the default theme is the big blue screen with Windows 10 logo in it. If someone has changed the theme, then default would be some landscape images. To check the available pack of theme image (set of images for your  desktop), then do the following:

  1. Type “Themes” in the Search box next to the start button at the bottom left corner of the screen without the “ “ marks.
  2. From the pop-up menu click on Themes and Related Settings. This should display the Desktop Personalization Settings window with Themes highlighted on the left pane of the window. This will show the different default themes installed on your PC so you can choose whatever theme you want by clicking on the  image box under Change Themes heading.

Desktop Personalization Settings Window.

The Desktop Personalization Settings Window gives you the ability completely change your desktop settings to suit your personality, color and etc.

So, you select the feature listed from the pane on the left of the window and change the settings as desired. Features include the following:





Start Menu


So go ahead, select feature and try experiment with each of it’s settings. Some are good, for example, enabling the Lock The Taskbar for The Taskbar so it remains locked horizontally at the bottom than it being moved around the screen. Others aren’t so good. It’s a matter of what changes you want to configure for each desktop features. The options are many under each feature.

Getting the Perfect Desktop Theme Image Pack.

The question you would ask is: Where can I can a perfect theme image pack for the desktop? Well, Microsoft as part of it’s Windows user support has tons of theme packs for users to just download and install them. So, here is how you download and install different themes.

  1. Go to Microsoft Themes support website. This will take you straight to the Themes support page. There, the Windows 11 operating system is highlighted as default. Because Windows 11 is the latest Windows PC Operating system, which succeeded Windows 10.
  2. Select your PC Operating System from the list at the top-Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows 7.
  3. Under Get a Theme heading, is the themes category list. Expand the category name to see the different themes packs under the category.
  4. Double click on the Theme pack name to download it. Once double clicked, the theme file will be downloaded. Normally, downloaded file will be in the stored in the Download folder in the main Documents folder of the pc.
  5. Once the file is downloaded, go to the Download folder in the main Documents folder and double click on it to unpack or install it as your Theme pack. You can download many theme packs as you like.

Activate Desktop Theme Pack.

Once the Theme pack is downloaded and installed, it’s will now be displayed in the Desktop Personalization Settings window under Themes feature as mentioned earlier. Now, to make a Theme active (display on the screen) do the following:

  1. Go to Desktop Personalization settings window and under Theme feature click on the Theme image. This will make it active.
  2. Every time you want to change to another, repeat this process.

Delete Desktop Theme Pack.

If you want to delete a Theme Pack that you do not want, simple, right-mouse click on the Theme image and click Delete.

That’s how easy it is to spice up your desktop background to get the look and feel that suits your mood and personality.