PNG Passport Application Photo Requirements.

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By now anyone who has applied for passport, visa, or citizenship should know that an immigration officer will ask you to provide two passport size ID photos along with all your required documents. These passport photos not only helps to give your personal identification but also helps to meet the government’s requirements and the global best practice governing travel documents.

Each country may have specific requirements for passport photos but generally, the standard requirements are accepted globally. In Papua New Guinea, passport, visa, citizenship and other immigration activities including asylum and refugee is regulated and issued by the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (PNG ICA).

ICA has specific requirements passport photos and everyone must meet the standard to make sure your applications are processed without delay.

Photo Size

The Photo size should be in the dimensions of 45 mm (Height) x 35 mm (width)

Image and Quality

The image should be taken from head and shoulder only and must clearly show full face without hat or tinted glasses. If you are unable to remove your glasses due to medical reasons, a proof from a reputable eye doctor must be provided. Photos should be taken with white or clear background with high resolution and printed on mette or glossy photo paper. Selfies and filters are not allowed. Your photo will be rejected if it cast a shadow on your face or at the background.

Facial Expression.

Photo should be taken facing the camera with both eyes open. Deep smiles or open mouth are not allowed. Neutral facial expression or natural smile expression can be accepted. We discourage clients to betelnut stained teeth.


The regulation does not specify dressing code but we highly recommend that you dress neatly and in you normal day-to-day wear. You cannot have headphones, caps, glasses, napkins or facemask on you. Unless head coverings or glasses you wear is for medical or religious purposes, a proof of document should be provided or writing in the application form. Make sure the coverings on your face does not cast shadow.

Where to take your photo

There a photo booths available in towns near you that print high quality passport photos  for less than K20.00. You can ask a family member or a friend to take your photo for free, making sure you face the camera and the photo is sharp. Your required to submit two passport size ID Photos when applying for passport. The same applies to visa, citizenship and others.

Old Photos

Photos must be taken recently or within 6 months. Old and poor quality photos would not be accepted.

Legal Proof.

You must make sure a lawyer who personally knows you or a representative from the Court or legal sector signs and approved your Passport ID photos as true identity of you before you submit with your application.

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Source: This information was posted as public information by PNG ICA under it’s The Border View weekly newspaper column with Post Courier n the issue No# 03 December 2021.