Highlands Agriculture College (HAC) Courses and Fees for 2022

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Highlands Agricultural College (HAC) is pleased to announce the following courses to be conducted in 2022 Academic year . HAC is one of the National User Pay Institutions that contribute significantly to the industry by providing well trained and qualified graduates in the middle and bottom end of the labor market. Highlands Agricultural College will continue assist students enroll until Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) completely takes over the online selection on all programs.

Post Certificate Diploma (PCD) in Tropical Agriculture.

Certificate holder in Agriculture from the former DAL and current colleges are eligible to apply.

  • Vudal Agriculture College
  • Popondetta Agricultural College
  • Highlands Agriculture College
  • HAC CAF 3 graduates between 2007 and 2018 will be considered (only 20 students will be selected).

Certificate 1 in Agriculture-Farming (CAF 1) Stage One

Commencing in 2019, HAC has enrolled only Grade Twelve (12) students from the High Schools or matriculated from recognized Higher Learning Centers. Online selection will be done by DHERST for school leavers. Non School Leavers with GPA of 2.75 can send their applications to the college for Selection. Only Seventy (70) students will be selected to do CAF One (1).

Certificate III in Agriculture Farming (CAF 3) Stage Three

First year students are encouraged to complete their fees for 2021 to proceed into second year in 2022. Only seventy (70) students will be selected to do CAF Three(3) Course.

Certificate I in Operational Skills Agribusiness (OSA) Year One (1)

Formerly known as Plantation Management Training Program (PMTP). The course has been re-introduced to meet the growing demand for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Agriculture. Grade Twelve (12) and Grade Ten (10) students with Upper Pass in Subjects and two years of field experience in Agriculture and Livestock related background are encouraged to apply.
The course is to be conducted for participants from the Highlands and Momase Region. It commences in January and end in December 2022. Only Thirty (30) students will be selected to attend the courses.

Certificate III in Management Skills Agribusiness (MSA)

This course is offered in the Second year of the Agribusiness. Students who have completed Certificate in Operational Skills in Agribusiness will be allowed to enroll for the course. Other participants who have more than three(3) years or more of field experience in Agriculture related courses can apply.
For logistics and Industrial Training component of the course only participants from Highlands and Momase Region will be selected to attend this course. Only Twenty-Five (25) students will be selected to attend this course that commences in April and ends in December 2022.

Course Fees for 2022 Academic Year

  • Post Certificate Diploma (PCD) K5,250.00
  • Certificate in Agriculture Farming (CAF 3) K5,100.00
  • Certificate in Agriculture Farming (CAF 1) K4,900.00
  • Management Skills in Agribusiness (MSA ) K3,750
  • Operational Skills in Agribusiness (OSA) K3,250.00
  • (Fees are heavily subsidized by the Government and many change without Notice).

Application fee of Fifty (K50.00) is to be paid
All Fees are paid into College Account Number 7012156886 at BSP, Mt Hagen Branch.


Applications to be sent to the following address:
Highlands Agriculture College
P.O.BOX 312, Mt, Hagen, WHP
Email : sbonney178@gmail.com

Applications close on 30th December, 2021

Students selected for 2022 Academic courses are be to vaccinated or COVID-19 tested before travelling to the college. Late applications to be set aside as reserves.

Contact Person
Phillip B. Senat Principal                               76982419
Lucas K. Minimbi a/Deputy Principle        73707417 / 76469422
Joe Muna BEM Registrar                             70576949

Authorized by Philip B. Senat  (Principal)

Source: HAC public notice published in the local media on Friday 3rd Dec 2021