4 Best Open Source Free Video Editing Software

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


If you have a Youtube Channel, Video Blog, or just want to create some cool videos for your personal, work or other purposes, you don’t really need to break your budget with paid video editing software purchases. There are so many open-source freeware which can pretty much help you get the job done. The good thing about using this free video editing software is that you are in control of your ideas and creativity. It reduces your expenses in hiring someone to do it for you and investing in a paid editing software. This does not mean, you don’t hire a professional or invest in a paid software. It pretty much depends on the nature of the video project.

Here are four (4) of them to get you started.

1: Windows 10 Fee Video Editor.

If your PC is running on Windows 10, it has a pretty decent and free Video Editing software that comes with it. All you need to do is type “Video Editor” in the main Search box with the “ “  and launch the application just like you would normally launch any software.

The interface is pretty simple and anyone can easily navigate the features and use them. It has few downside which are:

What’s good about Video Editor

  1. It comes with the Operating system and its fee
  2. It’s interface is quite simple and any novice user can be able to use it. They can easily drag the file vides onto the storyboard and video takes shape.
  3. Insert background music
  4. Has all the basic video editing functions like Trim, Split, Motion and etc

What’s the downsides or limitations

  1. Cannot add any transitions between the clips.
  2. Cannot play one video on top of the other if needed.
  3. Has a very good list of Background music. However, if you are doing the video for your Youtube channel, you cannot monetize with any of those background music. Obviously for copyright issues. However, for other purposes, it fine.
  4. Once you finished your video and wants to export it a video quality format, only three options are given. The highest option is 1080p.

2: OpenShot  Open Source Freeware

You can download this open source free video editing software from www.openshot.org

Some Cool things about this video editor

  1. Its’ open source and is free. It can run on Linux, Mac and Windows PCs.
  2. Supports over 70 languages. This means by default, it supports the operating system language. However, user can change it to any language of choice so program interface can be in that language.
  3. Has comprehensive Tutorial Videos and User Guides document.
  4. Interface is pretty simple for anyone to use it.

It’s an excellent open source video editing software which does have some advanced functionality as well.

3: Shotcut Open Source Video Editor

Shotcut is an another open source video editing software which you can download from www.shotcut.org

It’s features are pretty similar to OpenShot but this has more features which will require more practice to get around using these features. This meaning learning curve is bit higher compared to OpenShot.

However, if you are serious and wants to challenge yourself then go ahead and use it. It has lots of features .

4: Davinci Resolve 17

This is the most powerful video editing software which a lot of movie studies and media industry professionals are using. It has a free version which is totally free and there is a paid version as well.

Down Davnci Resolve 17 from https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/

Most of the core functionalities are free but other added functions can be unlocked by paying. It has more advanced video editing capabilities and learning curve is steep.

However, if you have a passion for video editing then, Davinci Resolve 17 is the editor to get your hands on.

Final Take

If you are novice then, it’s good to try either OpenShot or Shotcut or Windows 10 Video Editor to build up your foundational skills and then once you are familiar with common elements, move to Davinci Resolve 17.

Whatever your video editing skills level is, you can come up with amazing videos with these free and open source video editors.