Send and Track Parcels or Mails Online in Papua New Guinea.

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Port Moresby the capital city of Papua New Guinea is landlocked from all the 19 provinces of the total of 20 provinces of the country. The only province that has road access to Port Moresby is Central province. Travel between Port Moresby and provincial towns is only by plane and it’s qui expensive in terms of airfares. To make travel matters worse, there are no direct flights between most provinces. All flights route through Jacksons International Airport (Domestic Terminal) which services as hub for two main airlines-Air Niugini (the national airline carrier) and PNG Air (third level airline). This means and those travelling to other provinces have to transit through Port Moresby. Few direct flights between provincial towns.

This makes it quite expensive for people and businesses, particular terms of logistics and short or urgent business travel needs.

Government Departments and Agencies Head office are Located in Port Moresby.

Another main problem is that the headquarters of main government departments, statutory organizations (government agencies) are located in Port Moresby. PNG government has a centralized government system where all headquarters are located in Port Moresby and provinces have representatives of each department with limited functions.  The main government agencies and superfunds such as PNG Investment Promotion Authority, (PNG IPA), Internal Revenue Commission (IRC), Nambawan Super, Nasfund, PNG Customs, PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority (PNG ICA) and etc all have offices in regional centers. However, the efficiency in terms of customer services at these offices pretty much depends on logistics and communication links with their head offices in Port Moresby. Services at some centers may be better than others depending on the locations.

So, most businesses and individuals in PNG rely on logistics companies in PNG..

Three (3) International Courier Companies in Papua New Guinea.

All though there are some local logistics companies in Papua New Guinea, the three main logistics companies with international network are:


DHL is one of the world leading brand in courier services . It has a office in PNG and services the domestic market as well using it’s provincial network of offices and agents.

Post PNG Limited

Post PNG Limited was the country’s lost  postal and logistical services provider in PNG.  It was historically part of PNG Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) and later separated as a separate entity.  The telecommunications side of the business was transferred to what is currently  Telikom PNG Limited and logistics and postal services is now Post PNG Limited. Because of it’s long time association and membership with the Universal Postal Union (UPI),  it uses Express Mail Services (EMS) network through  member organizations around the world..


TNT is also one of the oldest operators in the country from Australia.  It’s international courier services company with it’s headquarters in Netherlands in Hoofddorp, Netherlands in Europe. It is a subsidiary of  famous international American  courier company FedEx . TNT has 18 branches and agents in Papua New Guinea.

How Local PNG Local SME’s and Individuals can Utilizes These Courier Company Services

All of these three (3) couriers’ companies have expertise and ICT infrastructure that are of international standard through their global operations network and can handle any logistics and courier requirements for local PNG  SME’s and individuals. Both domestic and international shipments.  Below are the basic steps to use their services.

Visit their website and locate their local offices/agent in each province.

  1. The first step is to visit their websites and contact them either through phone or email and get their location and contact details of their branches or offices the provinces. The websites also has other important information that might of useful.
  2. Bring the parcel or mail to the courier’s local office or agent, pay the shipping fee. Then, they will give the receipt and, on the receipt, they will indicate the Consignment Number (Sometimes called Airway Bill Number/Tracking ID) . This number is very important because that number will be used to Track the shipment online through their website.
  3. Email or sms or call and pass the Consignment Number to the intended recipient so they can also be able to track it from their hand as well.
  4. Once the it’s posted, wait for the Consignment Number to be activated into their tracking system. In the following day, visit the courier’s website PNG website page (links shared above). Look for  Tracking text box, enter the consignment number and track the shipment while it makes it’s way to the destination.  The tracking page will be able to confirm the delivery and the recipient’s name as well.

Other Important points to note.

If the parcel or mail is confidential or very important, for example, Passport Application with , IPA Business Name Registration  Application and etc, it is important to visit the organization’s website and check the pages on how to lodge the application  and who to address if it is posted through courier mail. Then address it correctly as per the instruction from the organization. If information on the website is not clear, contact the organization through email or phone and get the correct details.

Another alternative is using a third party (an agent, relative or colleague. In that case, make sure visit the organization’s website and check the information if a third party can lodge the application. Also, check the document checklist and necessary forms. The point here to make sure all required documents are in order and required forms are filled and signed off. This will make it easy for the someone assisting in lodging it. That is for lodging of applications.

Other items and parcels, that doesn’t need third party assistance, just address them to your colleague or relative and give them the consignment number so they can pick up at the courier’s office when it arrive at the destination.

Register with courier if regular user.

If a SME or individual thinks that they will use the courier services on a regular basis, it is good to register with the courier. Registered users have additional benefits. For detail benefits of registered users, visit the courier’s website or local branch or agent office and ask for more information. This is particularly important if a SME has suppliers overseas and operating in the provinces. Also, those SMEs or individuals that wants to send things overseas.

Couriers can assist with valuable Customs and packing requirements.

Couriers handle all kinds of cargoes and they have the latest knowledge and expertise in handling and shipping any type of cargoes. They can provide valuable information about customs requirements and packaging requirements. Because of their operations in various countries, they constantly update their information to serve their clients better.

Alternative to Courier Companies

The alternative to using courier company services is to send through the airline’s cargo services. Visit the Air Niugini or PNG Air local ticketing office or agent ask them about their cargo services.

Both PNG Air and Air Niugini have offer cargo services in all provinces where they operate flights to. So, contact their local office/ticketing agents. PNG Air also offers customers to track their cargo online. To track they have to register first as their registered customer to use this service.

PNG Air Cargo Contact List for all provinces.

Air Niugini Cargo Contact List


Courier companies are becoming the bloodline of both domestic and international businesses. With the covid-19 courier companies kept the world moving despite the lockdowns and travel restrictions. So, SMES and individuals should all consider using their services more often.