PNGHRI Advance Diploma in Human Resource Program Information

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Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) offers the Advance Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM) as part of its initiative to develop a stream of Human Resource Management talent for the workforce in Papua New Guinea. This program is offered for Grade 12 Certificate Holders based in Port Moresby who have completed secondary education in the last 4 years.

Admission Requirements

Participants must have completed Grade 10 with 5 years of work experience or completed Grade 12 secondary education recently or have graduate not more than 4 years ago at the time of their application. Applicants must provide;

  • Grade 12 certificate (Graduated last 4 years)
  • Resident of Port Moresby or NCD
  • Copy of School Certificate
  • Police Clearance
  • Must have a valid ID
  • K100.00 Non-Refundable Application Fee

Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) will assist you build a career in human resource management. Career in Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the fastest growing professions in the World including PNG. PNGHRI has programs from diploma to master’s degree with University of Papua New Guinea and is considering PhD, scholarships in the near future in partnerships with other universities in both PNG and overseas. In PNG, the average pay of HR Manager is K100,000.00 per year.

Course Duration and Timetable.

Minimum duration for completion of the program is two years or 80 weeks. This program will have 10 weeks of schooling per term with one week study break and end of semester exams. It is compulsory in this program that students will have to take all the listed courses through to the end of each term.

Course Venue and Timetable

Classes are conducted during the day from 9:00am-4:00 pm daily from Monday to Thursday at the PNGHRI campus. Classes are conducted by experienced professionals and accredited academics from various walks of life. As this program is a Port Moresby based program, there is no accommodation provided during the academic period. Transportation is provided by students themselves.

Expression of Interest and Application Due Date

The interested and qualified applicants should contact the PNG Human Resource Institute on the contact details provided blow.

School Fees

School fee options ranges from certificate level to advance diploma. For certificate is K3,520.00 to K7,920.00 and K13,200.00 for the Diploma. The total fees due to fully complete  the Advance Diploma program over 2 years period is K19,360.00.

Termly flexible fees so contact the institution for specific fee options.

Education Development Pathway

If you are grade 12 now, it is possible to one day have a PhD qualification. For a number of years over 15,000 grade 12s will not be able to make it to university or tertiary learning institution in PNG.. With PNGHRI we will make sure you both and education and a career Human Resource at the same time.

Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Program course structure

Entry Level Qualification

Minimum educational qualifications required is Grade 12 Education major in any subject.

Program structure

The program is structured  in a four stage steps. Beginning with the Certificate in Human Resources and then moves upward to Advanced Diploma level. Students can complete and exit at any stage or complete the full program up to Advance Diploma level.

  1. Certificate in Human Resource Management

2 Terms of 10 weeks each. Total of 20 weeks

Term 1-10 Weeks

  1. Personal viability
  2. Professionalism and Personal Ethics
  3. Study Skill, Academic Research, Academic Writing Skills
  4. Human Resource Management Principles
  5. History and Evolution and Development of HRM

   Term 2- 10 Weeks

  1. Recruitment and Selection and Contracting
  2. Salaries, Wages, Benefits and Income Tax
  3. OSH and Duty of Care Responsibilities.

2: Advance Certificate in Human Resource Management

Term 3-10 Weeks

  1. Organizational Restructure and Job Design
  2. Redundancy, Termination and Resignation
  3. Performance Management
  4. Training and Development and Training Needs Assessment

Term 4- 10 Weeks

  1. Human Resource Planning and Budgeting
  2. PNG HRM Policy Formulation & standards
  3. HR Administration and Services
  4. Employee Relations and Affirmative Act

3: Diploma in Human Resource Management

Term 5-10 Weeks

  1. International Labor Standards (ILO)
  2. PNG Constitutional Provisions for Human Rights & Employment
  3. PNG Employment Act
  4. PNG Public Service Management Act
  5. PNG Industrial Relations Act

Term 6: 10 Weeks

  1. PNG Non-Citizen Employment Act
  2. Industrial Safety and Welfare Act
  3. Minimum Wage Determination & Income Tax Act
  4. PNG Government General Orders and Standards
  5. HR Information Management Systems and HR Data Analytics

4: Advance Diploma in Human Resource Management

Term 7-10 Weeks

  1. Advance PNG HRM Laws
  2. Culture and Change Management
  3. Applied Accounting and Finance for HRM
  4. HR Project Management & Reporting
  5. The future of HRM

Term 8- 10 weeks

  1. Strategic HR, Planning and Management
  2. Leadership and Management
  3. Good Corporate Governance, Citizenship and Employer Branding
  4. Business Communication & HRM Reporting
  5. Preparing for work, career planning and personal branding.

Contact Details for More Information

Postal Address

P.O.BOX 2035, Port Moresby, 121, NCD, Papua New Guinea

Phone:  (675)-323 5022 or 344 3144  Fax | (675) 323 5344  Website|

Physical Location|  Level 2 IEPNG Haus, Section 56 Allotment 10, Mabi Street, Spring Garden Road, Gordons Industrial area, between Carpenters Hardware and SP Brewery.

Source: 2021 PNGHRI  Advance Diploma in HRM brochure.