How to Apply and Get a Standard Papua New Guinea (PNG) Passport

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Applying for a Papua New Guinea Passport is easy and much simpler than you thought. From filling out the application form to lodgment and receiving your new passport is as simple as applying for a new bank card.

Three (3) Types of PNG Passport

The Papua New Guinea Government through Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) issues three types of passports:

  1. Standard
  2. Official
  3. Diplomatic

This article focuses on the Standard passport for now and explain how you can get one. Official and Diplomatic passports are specially designed for class of persons including authorized government officials. There are also other types of travel documents usually issued in lieu of a passport which we will explain in a separate article.

PNG Passport Age Requirements.

Any PNG Citizens can apply for a Standard passport. There is no age limit and infants, children and elderly people can apply for one. There are only four main requirements and the instructions to correctly fill out the form is written on the front page of the passport application form. The passport application form is called “Application for a Travel Document” or Form FA 81 and is available on the ICA website for easy download. This PDF fillable form can be filled electronically, printed and attached with your documents for lodgment.

Download Passport Application Form

How to Apply for  a New Standard PNG Passport

To apply for a passport, you need only four (4) requirements. Firstly, you have to correctly fill out the Passport Application Form (Form FA 81) . There are four pages and each space must be filled out correctly. Section 13 on page 3 of the application form (Certificate Regarding Applicant) requires a legal practitioner who have known you personally for over 3 years to certify your application. We strongly recommend that a practicing lawyer or a senior official of the District or National Court must sign and put his Commissioner of Oath stamp. The same person must also be endorse the back of your passport ID photographs as follows:

“I certify this to be a genuine photograph of (your full name) and signed with his Commissioner of Oath stamp sealed.

Secondly, you must attach on the front page of the application form two recent passport size ID photos. The photos must be taken from head to shoulders only with full face and on white background. No glasses or smiles showing your teeth.

The third requirement is Birth Certificate. Birth certificate is mandatory and must be attached with every single application not only to show details but also as a proof of your citizenship. ICA accepts birth certificates issued by the Civil Registry Office or National Identification Card (NID) issued birth certificates only.

Fees and Lodging of Standard  PNG Passport Application

After you have three requirements ready, the final process is for you to pay the passport application processing fee. The fee is K100.00 for 7 days turnaround time and K300.00 for express service for only 48 hours (2 days). ICA ceased to allow cash payments so you have only two options to pay. Either you pay using EFTPOS machines available at a ICA Office near you and lodge your application at the same time or you pay using the Online Payment Gateway portal available on the  website.

Clients in provincial centers and districts can make direct deposit into the Immigration and Citizenship Service Authortiy (ICSA) Operating Trust Account number 7012975040 with BSP Financial Group and attach the deposit slip with their applications.

Passport applications should be lodged at Koitachi Haus at Spring Garden Road, Gordons in Port Moresby or at one of ICA’s offices in: Vanimo, Lae, Mt.Hagen, Alotau, Daru, Kokopo, Buka and Buin. You can also send your passport application to us through the express service address to:

Postal Mailing Address

The Manager-Travel Documents, PNG Immigrations and Citizenship Authority, Central Government Offices, Level 1 (tower A), P.O.BOX 1790, Boroko, Port Moresby.

Penalty Fees for Lost PNG Standard Passport.

We charge a penalty fee for lost or stolen passport in additional to the passport application processing fee if the loss or theft occurs while the document is still valid. The charges are K200.00, K1,000.00 and K3,000.00 for first, second, and third loss respectively.

Passport renewal process is similar to the new applications except that for renewal you don’t have to resubmit your birth certificate. This time, you must attach a copy of your old passport bio page and your old passport. The fee and turnaround time for renewal is the same as new application.

 Source: This article is an exact version from PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) ‘s The Border View -A weekly column in The National local newspaper-Friday 24th Sept 2021. Headings headed or reader’s clarity

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