PNGHRI Advance Diploma In Human Resource Management Program 2O21

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Papua New Guinea Institute of Human Resource Management (PNGHRI) was incorporated in 1987, as an independent Non-Profit, Non-Government peak government professional association, committed to, professional development. PNGHRI is  a network of over 1, (one ) million HR Professionals worldwide and around 10,000 Human Resource (HR) practitioners in Papua New Guinea. PHGHRI is an affiliate of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Managers (30 APEC Countries) and the World Human Resource Federation.

PNGHRI in partnership with University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) rolled out the Human Resource Management Degree and Masters Programs. PNGHRI is also considering PHD Scholarships. PNGHRI since 2020 introduced the Advanced Diploma Program, focusing more the school leavers.

Advanced Diploma Program 2021

Grade 12 School Leavers or Grade 10 School Leavers with two (2) years of work experience.

The Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) is offering the Advance Diploma Program in Human Resource Management as part of its initiative to develop a stream of Human Resource talent pool for the workforce in PNG. This program compliments existing Degree/Master’s programs already offered in Partnership with the University of Papua New Guinea. This program is offered to Grade 12 School Leavers who are based in NCD.

After Hours Classes for Workers.

After hour classes for Grade 10 (with 2 years work experience) and Grade 12 leavers currently working.

Competent Lecturers.

All Lecturer’s have Master’s degree and at least 5 years of professional experience in industry.

Benefits of this 2 year program.

  • Certificate award in Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Certificate Award in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management Level 1
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management Level 2
  • Certificate in Train the Trainer
  • Certificate in Introduction to PNG Human Resource Laws
  • Professional Classification as Student Member
  • Professional Classification as Affiliate Member
  • Professional Classification as Associate Member
  • Pre-employment coaching and work experience assistance provided to non-workers.

Fastest growing profession in Papua New Guinea and the world.

Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) will assist you build a career in Human Resource Management. Career in Human Resource Management is one of the fastest growing professions in the world and in PNG. PNGHRI has programs from Diploma to Masters Degree with UPNG and is considering PhD Scholarships in the near future in partnerships with other universities in both PNG and overseas. The highest paid HR Professional earns over K1, million and average HR Manager earns around K100,000 annually.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Grade 12 certificate or Grade 10 certificate with two(2) years of work experience.
  • Resident of NCD

Next Intake in September 2021

Term commences September 27th September 2021

Duration of Program

Program duration is 2 years or 80 weeks. There are 4 sub-programs of 4 terms, 10 weeks long, 36 courses.

36 Courses in 80 weeks

36 courses in 2 years compared to about 32 courses in 4 years with a UPNG Degree program.

Professional Accreditation

Professional membership with the PNG HR Institute. Classification starts at student member and advance to affiliate membership level.

Future Qualification Pathways.

Pathway leading to Bachelor of Business Management Degree at UPNG and Masters Degree in Human Resource Management.

Application Closing Dates.

Application closes Friday 20th September 2021.

For further information and application forms:

Telephone | 323 5022 or 323 5344

Email| or


Physical Location: PHGRI Haus, Mabi Street, Gordons Industrial Zone.



Source: This is a public notice published in the newspapers by PNGHRI on 16th August 2021