All public servants to undergo one a year complusory induction program at PILAG.

The National Executive Council Decision No#61/2021 has recently approved a policy submission by the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG) concerning public sector training for improved service delivery.

In a joint statement released, Prime Minister James Marape and the Minister for Public Service Hon.Joe Sungi announced that the policy will be the key driving force to ensuring that the public sector workforce is appropriately trained to improve their performance in the delivery of goods and services to the people of Papua New Guinea.

They said this new policy called “Sustainable, Stable, and Consistent Service Delivery” is deliberated aimed at changing the attitudes and behavior of the individual or the human resources aspect of an organization.

They said the policy is expected to bolster massive significant improvement in the performance of the public servants as it now mandatory and compulsory training for all public servants to undergo a year induction program at PILAG (similar to LTI for Layers and graduate with a postgraduate diploma in public service administration.

After serving a year in the district as national service, they will be released to their departments/agencies as they progress upward in their career paths. A compulsory requirement for them for consideration of management positions is that they must under go relevant studies to attain Diploma in Policy Articulation, Planning and Management at PILAG.

This would signal a significant departure from the present practice where young recruits are mentored under the coaching of long term officers. This change demonstrates that new public servants must posses technical qualifications and be inducted into civil service through a Certificate or Diploma in Public Administration before they go into practice.

Further more in the Training Policy, those applicants for executive positions (such as agency heads) will under go compulsory training before appointed so that when it comes to selection and recruitment of agency heads, DPM can clearly identify those who have met the compulsory required training and make it easy for the Government to make appointments.

PILAG CEO Micahel Baorbe also urged all agencies and stakeholders to collaborate with the capacity building Team at PILAG under the whole of the government approach for the realization of a better performing public service machinery.

PILAG TO Deliver Public Induction Training for EHP Public Servants.

Twenty-two participants representing all the districts and the different agencies in the Eastern Highlands Provincial Province will undergo a 5-day Public Service Induction training.

The training will take place at the Eastern Highlands Provincial Administration Office in Goroka. The training starts on 7th June and ends on 11th June 2021

PILAG CEO, Mr. Barobe, said the one week basic training is compulsory for public servants as it enlightened and broaden the participants understanding of working in a public service environment.

Mr. Barobe said Public Service is one of few other training programs the Eastern Highlands Provincial Administration have requested for. EHPG have initially paid K25,000.00 for the Induction training program. The training for other programs such as Project Management, Land Administration, Financial Management, and Policy Development will be delivered as and when funding become available.

CEO Barobe, said the Institution’s focus on enhancing public sector performance with a particular emphasis on the extension of the programs to the subnational level through regional training centers and delivery in the regions, provinces and districts supports the National Government’s decentralization policy on developing leaders who can drive improved service delivery and economic development at the provincial and district levels.

The CEO urged other relevant government departments and agencies to work with the capacity building team of PILAG.

PILAG HRTC to commerce its first Delivery of Diploma in Public Administration (DPA) program.

Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance Highlands Regional Training Centre (HRTC) will commence its first delivery of Diploma in Public Administration in Mt.Hagen

The 20 weeks program will start on 15th June and ends on 29th October 2021. The program is targeted at young aspiring leaders who are already in serving in senior roles who perform administrative and management roles in their respective organizations. It aims to ensure participants able to competently manage, plan or organize, budget and promote concepts of good governance and administration in their respective organization.

PILAG CEO Mr. Barobe, said the institution emphasis on the extension of programs to the subnational level through regional training centers and delivery in the regions, provinces, and districts to enhance public sector performance is consistent with the National Governments decentralization priority through the development of leaders who can drive improved service delivery and economic development at the provincial and district levels.

This will be the Institution’s first delivery of the DPA program in the Highlands Regional Training Centre based at the Holy Trinity Teachers College in Mt.Hagen since its establishment. 21 participants will form the first cohort of Diploma in Public Administration offered at PILAG HRTC.

Mr. Barobe also urged all other national and line agencies of government at the national and sub-national levels to engage with the PILAG to deliver the demand driven training program to up-skills the public servants so that they become competent and deliver to their expectations.

Registration and ID sessions will commence on the 10th and 11th of June 2021. Accepted applicants who wish to be part of this cohort can contact the center on  Telephone: 547 0114 or mobile 72811836/766 36755

PILAG-DPM stands ready to roll-out its first flagship program in Human Resource Business Process

The Certificate in Human Resource Management Business Process is a new program that will be delivered by PILAG in collaboration with the Department of Personnel Management (DPM). The training program was formalized through the signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in 2019.

The new flagship program is aimed at forging good governance and compliance in Public Sector Human Resource Management in the country. It is recommended and deemed as essential to ensuring that Human Resource Practitioners, Supervisors and Senior Managers are knowledgeable and skilled in the Human Resource Business Process and are able to apply them competently, thereby avoiding costly litigations from public servants that are disciplined, and in many cases ex-public servants.

PILAG CEO Micheal Barobe said only one cohort of the course will be conducted in each of the four regions. The first-rollout for 19 participants will be in Morobe Province for Momase Region. For the Highlands Region, it will be conducted in Jiwaka in August. For Niugini Islands Region, it will be in Bougainville in October and in Southern Region, it will be Alotau in November in 2021.

The four (4) weeks program will be facilated by    qualified and experienced trainers from PILAG and similarly  qualified and experienced HR practitioners from DPM. The training will start on 15th June and ends on 09th July 2021. It will be delivered at the AOG Okari Campus in Lae.

“We are the agents of translating the polices that we have and this certificate in Human Resource Business Process is all about enabling people to understand what is right and what is wrong.”Mr. Barobe.

The CEO urged the course participants to arrive at the mentioned location on time and to register and attend class on the date given.


Source: This post is exact version of PILAG Supplement released to the public media on June 11, 2021. For more information about PILAG, go