IPA Encourages Clients to Use Online Registry Facility

Reason for Clients to Use IPA Online Business Registry Service.

With the recent spike in the COVID-19 cases around the country and especially in NCD, the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) strongly advises its valued clients to utilize its Online Registry Services instead of coming to lodge paper files at the counters in its various established offices.

Similarly, the Intellectual property matters including lodgments for trademarks, patents and industrial designs must only be done through email. The email address is IPOLogements@ipa.gov.pg

This is purposely to discourage face to face interactions and minimize the movement of people in and out of IPA premises and the potential spread of the virus. A drop box will be provided at the security desk counter for clients to drop their documents with receipts for processing.

IPA Office Closure Period.

Note that IPA Office will be closed from 22nd to 26th March 2021

How to Create User Account on IPA Online Business Registry Service.

In order for you to able to use the online registration facility or lodge applications online, you first need to create an online account. Do this by going to the www.ipa.gov.pg and select “Register a New User” on the side bar on the Home Page. Once you have a user account, your dashboard will now have features to register businesses.

How to maintain or update Records on IPA Online Registry User Dashboard.

To maintain or update a Business Name or a Company record, you need to have Authority over the entity. Do this by logging into your online user account, click  on it and select “Online Services”, search the entity and when it’s displayed, click on the option “Request Authority”. Ensure that you upload and authorization letter from the company Director or Business Name Owner if you are not the owner. Once your request has been approved, you will now see the option to “Maintain Records” of the preferred entity.

Contact Emails for Client Support on Using the IPA Online Registry Service

Please email ipaonline@ipa.gov.pg or contact the following for further assistance.

belindak@ipa.gov.pg                      Company registrations

kilai@ipa.gov.pg                               Business Name Registrations

allisons@ipa.gov.pg                        Customer Services

warrenm@ipa.gov.pg                      Lae Regional Office

itapin@ipa.gov.pg                          Kokopo Regional Office

lpihau@ipa.gov.pg                        Buka Regional Office

ipahagen@ipa.gov.pg                Hagen Regional Office

For Intellectual Property Rights registrations:




For Foreign Enterprise Certification applications


Authorized release by

Clarence M Hoot

Managing Director

Declaimer: This notice was published in the public print media on Monday 29th March 2021. Only the headings were headed for post clarity for readers.