How to Sign off Electronically on a Word Document and Send Via Email.


Signing off on a document before sending it to someone is important. Particularly if the document is important. The standard method is to print the document, sign it off and then scan it into an electronic file format like pdf, jpg or etc then email. Well, this does work well if you have access to a printer and a scanner either at work or home. What if you are in situation where there is no printer and scanner and you need to send a document. This is where this article will help.

Working in a Mobile Work Environment.

We are living a world that is technologically connected. Thanks to the advances in mobile devices such as smart phones and internet services. As such, work is no longer confined to a period of 8 hours work (8:00am-4:00pm) at office. Today, work is mobile. You can work and communicate from anywhere, irrespective of place and time. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can operate from any place and at any time that is convenient to you. This means, you have to sign off on document if and when required. Particularly things that are of personal in nature. For example, Invoices/Quotes, Letters, Applications, cover letters and etc and send them to your clients or recipients.

Signing off Electronically in Word.

Depending on the type of devices you use to create your document, there would functions for signing off electronically. However, generally speaking, if you are using a laptop and creating a document in Word, it is not easy to sign off electronically. So here is how you can improvise it.

Step 1: Create Your Document

First step is to write up your document and save it. Once the write up is completed then you are ready to sign off.

Step 2: Scan Your Signature into an image file.

This you need to do it pre-hand. Meaning, when you have access to a scanner either at office, home or somewhere. Get a piece of clean white paper and sign on it just like you would sign on any document. Then scan it into a pdf, or image file formats like jpg, png, gif and etc and save it. Note that  once signed signature is scanned, it’s by default, a big size. What you need is a small image size to show just the signature part only. For this you need to use free utility software the comes with Windows 10 operating system called Snipping Tool.

Type in “Snipping Tool” without the quotation marks in the search box next to Start Button on your laptop or desktop. Then launch the application. Minimize the application window. Then Open up your signature image file. While it opened, launch Snipping tool and click New. (Note: Make sure the Mode is set to Rectangular). Size and cut the signature part only using Snipping tool. Then save the cut file as your electronic signature.

Step 3: Insert your signature file into Word Document.

Open the document you want to insert the signature to sign off. Scroll to the end where you need to sign up and right above your name, insert the signature file using INSERT ==> Picture command from the Ribbon. Just like you would insert any picture in a document. Resign if necessary and lock it .

Step 4: Export the Document to PDF

Before you send it off, it is important to Export it to pdf so that you lock in your signature and document together. If you send as it is in word, the signature might be displaced once the recipient opens it.

Click File== > Export == >Create PDFs/XPS button. Name the document and click Publish button. Your file is created in pdf or XPS depending on your choice.  Now your file is signed and you can email it to the recipient.

That’s how easy it is .