Create Custom Lists in Microsoft Excel

Creating a custom list of items in Excel is a quick way to generate a list of items without having to type the list again. Depending on the nature of job, there are list of things that requires regeneration of the list. The most obvious example are names of Days and Months. Other listings can be names of team members in sports teams, social/professional club members, department names, budget items, chart of accounts and etc. These sort of information can be created in Excel as custom list so that next  time, you need to generate the list, it’s easy to type just one name on the list and Excel will autogenerate the list with its autofill feature.

Default Custom Lists in Excel

By default Excel has names of the days and months. This means, you can type Sunday in a cell and click and drag and rest of names of the days will be generated. Same thing is with names of months. Type  the name of one month and rest will be autogenerated when you drag the cursor down/across  from the cell.

Create Custom List in Excel

Here is how you can create your own custom list and add it.

  1. Identify the list that needs to added

Identify the lists that you often work with. For example, list of names, list of places, list of provinces, list of things, department names and etc.

  1. Create the list

If the list is long, create it in an Excel File. If it is short (less than 10), write it on a piece of paper or you can just type in when creating the custom list.

  1. Create the Custom List

Now you are ready to create your custom list.

  1. Click on File Tab and click on Options. This will show the Excel Options dialog box.
  2. Click on Advanced from the dialog box and scroll down to General subsection heading. Click on Edit Customs List command button. This will show the Custom list dialog box.
  3. If the list is short, type in List Entries text box in the dialog box. Once finished, click Add command and list will be added.
  4. If the list is long, then open the Excel file which contains the list and repeat the above steps. Then, from put the cursor in the cell selection box in the dialog box. Then select the list range. Click Import command and list will be added on the list.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog.

Test the custom List

Now that you have created the list, you can auto generate the list in any Excel file.

  1. Click in a cell and type in name of one item on the list. For example, if the list is the provinces in Papua New Guinea, then type any province.
  2. Click and drag until the list is complete.

That’s how simple it is to create a custom list of things you work with often. You don’t have to create your list of things work with in Excel again.