The Northen Region Police Training Centre Re-opened After Major Renovations

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The Northern Region Police Training Centre in Bumbu Police Barracks in Lae, Morobe province was re-opened after it underwent major renovations and refurbishment work with the help of Australian Federal Police (AFP). The centre was formally called the Momase Regional Training Centre and later it came under the Northern Regional police command that included Morobe, Eastern Highlands and Madang.

Police Investigations Training Conducted by Australian Federal Police(AFP)

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) conducted a week-long workshop on conducting proper investigations at the facility. The Team leader for PNG Police participants Sgt Komeng Toung described the training as important professional skills development for police investigators. This will enable the local PNG Police investigation officers to conduct proper interviews and through investigations and reports of cases for court proceedings. Northern Commander ACP Peter Guinness, encouraged the participants that the workshop was significant to their work as investigators.

“When your reports are presented in court, they determine the outcome of the case, whether an accused is convicted or freed. You have to generate right questions to ask the suspects  that being detained. The questions must be based on allegations that one has be summoned with”

AFP command Amanda Kates shared similar sentiments and said that as more and more Police Officers training, the better the better PNG police force will be in the near future.

Support Training for Highlands Police Personnel.

According to ACP Peter Guinness, the Northern Regional Police Training center will offer training and courses that are normally offered in Bomana Police College in the past. Since the facelift of the facilities, the center will conduct training for PNG Police personnel based in highlands provinces.  The facilities was not meant only for the training PNG Police members but also other government departments can use it to conduct training.

The facility featured training rooms, accommodations for participants and other related utilities.

Delay and Dismal of Court Cases

There have been numerous instances of court cases being either dismissed or delayed due to police investigation reports not done properly around the country. As such, this kind of training is crucial in assisting police force members in their professional development. Police investigation work is seen to be only complete when the case is presented in court and offenders prosecuted. Whenever there is delay in the investigation report, the cases can drag on for a longer period time, thus putting pressure on the court systems and costs on both side of the case.

Location of the Northern Regional Police Training Centre