How to Download Perfect Pictures from the Internet

Photo by Angelique Downing from Burst

As the saying goes, “picture says a thousand words”, it is important to use images that really drive your message. Whether it’s your business Facebook cover page, blog banner, poster, brochure, report, presentation or any work that requires an image, you need to search the internet for not only the perfect image but one that really communicates your message to the audience. In this article, I will show you how to search and download that perfect image.

Searching For Pictures On The Internet.

When you have decided what images you require for your project, then head to the internet search engines using your internet web browsers like Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or etc.  Two of the most popular search engines are Google (by Google Inc) and Bing (from Microsoft). When it comes down to searching, it the search key word or phrase that matters. For example, if you are looking for pictures of tomatoes, your search key word or  phrases would be something  like the following

Gardening/Farming– key words  “Tomatoe seedlings”, “growing tomatoes”, “harvesting tomatoes”, “tomatoe varieties” etc.

Cooking/Cathering– keywords “Tomatoe recipes”, “Tomatoe soups”, “Tomatoe Sauces”, “tomatoe dishes” etc

Search engine will return the results in the default setting, that is the Text Links of websites that matches your key phrase and few images links. The default results screen will look like the following.

Google search result for tomatoes

Image Links

Although the default screen  like the one above, does provide texts that helps you find what you are looking for, it not a good option. You can get lost scrolling down the links to open the description that fits your project. This can be time consuming going back and forward from website to website. The quickest and efficient ways to click on the Image icon right below the Search Box. You will be surprised with tons of images to select from which matches your project. Image below is example of the search phrase “Tomato varieties”.

Google Image search result

This shows the website underneath the picture, and at the top of the screen, are further keyword related to your search keyword to really down to specific image that might suit your project.

Downloading Image from the Internet.

To download the image or the picture that you want, simply right click mouse on the image, and click Save Image/Copy Image option on the pop-up menu option. This will activate the Save As dialogue box to save your image in the computer or mobile device. That is how you can get as many image as you like for your project.

Crediting Image Source

It is always a good practice to acknowledge or give credit to the website, organization or individual from whom the image was taken from. For the case of image from internet website, simply copy the website link right underneath the image. Then insert that as part of the image caption in your project.

 If you want to image provide a link for the image, then right-mouse click and select “Image Address”  (Google search ) or “Copy Image link” (Bing search). Paste link text in either Word or Notepad or any text software and later use that text in your project for acknowledging the source.

Copyright© Images

Also, be mindful of using images that might put you in conflict with copyright. That is if the image is going to be used for mass media campaigns, advertising projects. Otherwise for personal or small business use, as long as you acknowledging the source should do.

You don’t need to be a graphics artist or professional photographer to source images for your project. Thanks to internet.