Full Tuition Fees Information for University of Goroka For 2021 Academic Year.

Full Tuition Fees For 2021 Academic Year.

The tuition fees for all the programs offered at the  University of Goroka for 2021 Academic year was released into the public media for students, parents, and sponsors. The the full document can be downloaded from link below.

Download the Full Fees Structure for 2021 Academic year UOG


This notice services to inform Non-School Leaver applicants who have submitted their applications to study at the University of Goroka and UOG-Enga Campus in 2021 that;

  • Applications had closed on the 31st of August 2020
  • Pre-service program applicants who did not sit for the STAP-P Test per the information on the application form will not be considered for admission as STAT-P Test results are compulsory for admission into the respective program applied for.
  • Pre-service programs applicants who completed Grade 12  before 2012 will not be considered for admission.
  • Graduates from unrecognized institutions application forms for admission at either the University of Goroka or UOG-Enga campus (Irelya) or UOG-Sepik Campus (Maprik) will not be considered.
  • Successful applicant’s results will be made known by December 2020
  • The University of Goroka is also pleased to call for fresh application from prospective candidates who wish to take up a three year Diploma in Agriculture program at our newly established UOG-Sepik Campus in Maprik (ESP). The application is now closed on 11th December 2020. Application Form and admission criteria can be accessed from the University of Goroka website: www.unigoroka.ac.pg

For more information on the Program at UOG-Sepik Campus, check this previous post Diploma in Agriculture Program-University of Goroka at Bainyik Campus Maprik East Sepik

Information for Continuing Students

  • The 2021 Tuition Fees remain as the same as 2020 with NO fees increase.
  • The 2021 Level 4 Content student will pay less the IT fee component as it was billed in Level 3 in 2020
  • The 2021 Level 3 Content student will pay less IT fee component as it will be billed in Level 4 in 2022

2020  Outstanding Tuition Fees MUST be settled together with payments of a Compulsory Fee component for 2021 before a student can fully register  for 2021 Academic Year. This includes the category of students with unsuccessful HELP Loan applications status in 2020

Fees Payment Method.

  • Students (Candidates) who completed Grade 12 BEFORE 2012 are not eligible for HELP Loan application in 2021, hence required to pay 75% of 2021 Tuition Fees component by Friday,29th January 2021 before Registration.
  • Students (Candidates) who completed Grade 12 AFTER 2012 are eligible and may apply for HELP Loan in 2021. It is a pre-requisite to present a valid NID Card with other supporting documents before applying for HELP Loan. This category of students (candidates) are required to pay a Compulsory Fee of K2,000.00 by Friday 29th January 2021 as an installment of 2021 Tuition Fee and the balance can be acquired through HELP Loan Scheme. However, the HELP Loan is unsuccessful you have to sort out the fees for UOG.
  • Fully fee paying students will be allowed to access the Hall of Residence at the Campus. Priority will be given to National Government TESAS recipients and the Corporate Sponsored students.

Authorized by:

Professor Musave Sinebar (PhD)

Vice Chancellor

Declaimer: Authorized public UGO Notice in the Post Courier, Friday December 2020, pp. 68