DHERST-Successful Instructure Development in Selected Teachers and Nursing Colleges in PNG

DHERST endeavors to facilitate development in the Higher Education Sector to address DHERST’s three (3) underpinning objectives designed to:

  • Help as many students as possible gain access to Higher Education Institutions throughout the country
  • Offer and ensure quality education, and
  • Help students succeed once they have enrolled

Teachers and Nursing Colleges That Benefited from 2019-2020 Period

This edition features successful rehabilitation and infrastructure developments in the Nursing and Teachers Colleges throughout the country despite resource constraints.

During 2019-2020 Institutional recipients of funding under the Higher Education Sector Public Investment Program (HESPIP), included :

  • Holy Trinity Teacher’s College
  • Southern Highlands Teachers College
  • Madang Teachers College,
  • Regional Highlands School of Nursing
  • Mendi School of Nursing,
  • Wewak School of Nursing.

Infrastructure developments under the HESPIP are making a difference to the lives of teachers and students in the higher education institutions across the country by addressing issues of access and quality education.

Projected infrastructure funding for Teacher and Nursing Colleges over for 2021-2022 is targeted to improve accommodation, teaching and learning environments benefiting many more students and staff and thus contributing to the sector objectives.

DHERST thanks key stakeholders for your continued support and collaborative effort in successfully achieving physical infrastructure development milestones.

Hold Trinity Teachers College

  • Administration building (Full completed and commissioned )
  • Male Student Dormitory (Completed and in use)
  • Mobile Equipment (School truck to facilitate student movement during teaching practice)

Southern Highlands Teachers College

  • Water purifier
  • 1 X 40 ft storage container
  • Mess Kitchen Utensils
  • 50 X student beds
  • 3 x convertible containers ( 1 X Kitchen and 2 x staff offices)

All components supplied and delivered onsite.

Madang Teachers College

  • Administration Building- (Completed and commissioned)
  • 4 in 1 Classroom –(Completed and commissioned)

Highlands Regional School of Nursing

  • Offsite Accom No1 Kompri (Completed and commissioned)
  • Offsite Accom No2 (Kompri (Completed and commissioned)

Wewak School of Nursing

  • Quadruple staff duplex X 3-(Completed and commissioned)
  • Alteration of old admin building into classrooms/stimulation room-(Completed and commissioned)
  • Construction of project house- (Completed and in use)

Mendi School of Nursing

  • Staff Duplex X 2 Bedrom (Completed and in use)
  • Demotion of 4-in-1 Classroom (Demolition, site clearance and earth work completed)

Declaimer: This article is an exact extract from DHERST Quarterly Newsletter, December 2020, Volume 3|Issue 4 pp.9.Released to the public media on Friday December 18th 2020