PNG University of Technology 52nd Graduation Notice

The Papua New Guinea University of Technology wishes to inform parents, guardians, sponsors and its key stakeholders that the University of will adhere to the new normal COVID-19 Protocols during its 52nd Graduation on 24th November 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought its set of challenges that the University had to endure, and successfully complete its academic year. The pandemic forced the university to delay its celebration of its graduation from the beginning of the year to November this year.

To comply with current COVID-19 protocols, the University management in consultation with the Chancellor, agreed to take the following measures which will be implemented during the graduation. They are:

  • Only graduands will be allowed into the main graduation arena to comply with social distancing guidelines. All parents, guardians, and the public will not be allowed into the main arena but can watch from the peripherals of the arena fence.
  • The University will broadcast live its graduation ceremony on its Facebook page. Those with smart phones can watch from anywhere within the country and abroad.
  • Live video feed of the graduation will also be shown at the Duncanson Hall and will have video screens set up around the graduation arena for the public to watch the graduation proceedings.
  • The number of formally invited dignitaries, sponsors including government representatives have been reduced to minimize the number of persons in the main graduation area. The University sincerely apologies to those who sponsors that have not received any formal invitation from the University.

The University Administration sincerely asks those attending the graduation to adhere to these measures undertaken to avoid any inconveniences

Thank you and we all look forward to the successful hosting of the 52nd University Graduation Ceremony.

Dr. Ora Regani OL

Vice Chancellor

Declaimer: This is a public notice published in the local newspapers by University of Technology.