Degree Programs On Offer at Western Pacific University for Academic Year 2021


The Western Pacific University is delighted to announce its range of programs for the academic year 2021. For the prospective students wishing to develop their talents and begin a challenging quest for knowledge, WPU must be the University of choice as it seeks to become the first fully digitalized University in the country.

At the same time, it is also testament to DHERST’s commitment to the roll-out of the i-PNG Strategy of creating a network of closely linked higher education institutions through digitalization, each providing access and quality through digital education service delivery.

WPU’s first of several planned phases of construction is nearing completion and Papua New Guinea’s first fully digitalized University plans to open at the beginning of the Academic Year 2021 with 240 student enrollments.

Western Pacific University (WPU)’s Vision.

Western Pacific University aspires to advance knowledge through research; provide outstanding professional technical education and be the leader in technology and, in this way serve the needs of our society by graduating conscientious and productive digital citizens.

Western Pacific University’s (WPU)’s Mission

  • WPU’s mission statements are central to the University’s vision. Together, we seek to contribute towards the advancement of humanity by:
  • Embracing ICT technology into research, learning and teaching;
  • Making a commitment to quality in academic disciplines of science, engineering and technology.
  • Working with industries to ensure our educational programs and training are applicable to industry and the professions;
  • Aligning our research and education with the National Vision, with appropriate national and economic priorities in the context of global economic trends.
  • Becoming an Academic Community where minds are challenged and lives are changed through quality leadership and innovation; and
  • Making a commitment to unity, service to each other, our staff and students, our partners and communities while maintaining our core values and high standards of ethical conduct.

Western Pacific University will offer the following programs.

In 2021, the first cohort of students will be enrolled in the Foundation Year Program. This program is a compulsory course of study for students seeking entry to a Bachelor’s program at Western Pacific University. The aim is to provide students with the foundational academic knowledge and skills required to successfully complete further studies via online, blended or face to face delivery.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree Visual Communication

Classes will be conducted by practitioners who deal with graphic design, multimedia graphics and branding. These classes are focused on practice and will allow students to acquire skills that are needed in in the labor market. Personal and professional development are interlinked,  since students will acquire skills that enable them to work both as valuable members of a creative team and as individuals able to implement complex and demanding projects for their own clients as freelancers.

Opportunities after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication.

 As graduates, students will posses extensive knowledge and skills related to graphics design, in particular for marketing purposes. Thanks to these skills, and having engaged with a comprehensive curricula, graduates will able to carry out complex graphics projects, confidently navigating the business and economic environment in national and international settings.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree In Programing

Students enrolled in the IT program will be prepared for leadership in this important and fast-changing sector of the world economy. The IT program gives students freedom of choice and wide range of employment opportunities. For too long IT has be an employee’s rather than an employer’s market; however, equipped with the cutting edge knowledge and skills, students will quickly find interesting and well-paid jobs or go on to establish and develop their own business.

Opportunities after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Programing

According to the America’s business magazine “Forbes”, most job offers of the future will be directed towards specialists in the IT industry. By studying IT at WPU, students can confidently look forward to enhancing their professional prospects in this crucial area of the world economy as the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree In  International Management

Students will examine a broad spectrum of issues related to economics, with emphasis on various aspects of management in international companies. In the course of their studies, students will learn how to plan and run companies in the global market. Problem based, inter-disciplinary, learning will be a strong feature of this degree program.

A practical approach to teaching is reflected in the practice oriented course work that covers

  • Macroeconomic illustrating basic principles combined with the experience of real life case studies
  • Statistics , providing a balance between statistical theory and application
  • Forecasting and simulation in the context of application manufacturing, retail and service industries
  • Mathematical economics placing emphasis on a substantial amount of interpretation of numerical indicators in the economic context and;
  • Accounting practices that deal with the application of accounting concepts and principles of real life business situations.

Opportunities  after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in International Management

Graduates with a Bachelors Degree in International Management will be equipped to run their own companies as well as occupy middle management positions in both national and international context.

  1. Bachelors Degree In Advanced Network Technologies

For those of you interested in building your knowledge and skills in the field of design, management, exploitation  of network and server infrastructure , and would like the opportunity to cooperate with corporations and other institutions-the Advanced Network Technologies is the course for you.

The practical nature of the studies, as well as integration of the curriculum with a certification program and work related Learning, will result not only in a good start but also success in the development of a professional career in the global labor market that is largely dominated by the demand for IT.

Opportunities after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advanced Network Technologies

Internet and network technologies represent a constantly developing area of activity in business and other spheres of the rapidly changing labor market. As specialists in these technologies, graduates will, with ease, locate employment opportunities in many emerging fields, for example, virtualization, cloud computing, system security and, not least , the Internet of things.

Why Study at Western Pacific University?

2021 will mark the inaugural year of enrollments at Western Pacific University, the first fully digitalized University in the country. As a pioneer student, you will help to shape the founding of this University , located in the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. Your presence , your learning and your enthusiasms will all be integral to the extraordinary developments planned for the University.

How can you apply?

Currently enrollment is open for only school leavers. You can apply through the National Online Application Systems (NOAS) on:

For more information about the university please contact us on:


Declaimer: This information is the exact version of the official public media release by WPU