All Private Training Institutions In PNG Will Register under DHERST

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Under the recently passed PNG Higher Education Reforms Bills, all private training colleges and institutions will now be registered and regulated under Dept of Higher Education, Science, Research and Technology (DHERST). Currently, private training institutions are registered and regulated by under the PNG National Training Council (NTC) under the department of Labour and Industrial Relations. Here is the extract of the DHERST Press release statement right after the passing of the Bills by PNG National Parliament.


State owned and Church Agency Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

State owned Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Church-Agency HEIs which receive more than 50% state funding will be under Stronger governance and regulatory oversight under DHERST.

  1. HEIs to transfer to DHERST oversight on determination of a transfer date
  2. Transition arrangements apply-Governing Councils (6) months staff terms and conditions (at least 12 months)
  3. HEIs to be registered and their programmes accredited by DHERST in accordance with National Standards.

New HEI governance arrangements will apply in relation to:

  1. Objectives, functions and powers of HEIs.
  2. Establishment, functions, membership of Governing Councils
  3. Appointment, operations of Governing Councils and Committees
  4. Strategic and Business Planning; Auditing, Performance Reporting
  5. Establishment of Academic Boards
  6. Appointment of Principle and Staff
  7. Council Rules

Church-Agency HEIs and Private HEIs

National registration and accreditation will come under DHERST.

  1. HEIs to be registered and their programmes accredited by DHERST in accordance with National Standards.
  2. National Training Council (NTC) registration and accreditation of private Higher Education Institutions to transfer to DHERST

Overview of NEC 25/2017 Directives, Institutions and Outcomes

NEC Directives

  • All higher and technical education institutions to transfer to DHERST
  • PNG National Qualifications Framework and Higher & Technical Education Strategies Implementation Plan (2017-2038) endorsed.
  • DHERST to implement strategies in Plan including establishment of National Skills Development Agency
  • Establishment of Regional Centres of Excellence.
  • All recommendations for TVET reform in TVET Needs Analysis Study Report (2011) to be implemented.
  • Standard-based DipT & Bed curriculum to be implemented in all Teachers Colleges.
  • Annual Budget funding allocated through DHERST to implement reform strategies.


  • Universities
  • TVET & Business Colleges
  • Teachers Colleges
  • Nursing Colleges
  • Other Speciality Colleges

Reform Outcomes

  • Empowered institutions under DHERST regulatory oversight
  • Strengthened arrangements for church agency institutions
  • Coimpliance with PNG National Qualifications Framework
  • National Skills Development Agency
  • Strong industry and private sector engagement
  • Targeted funding and infrastructure development
  • Up-skiing of Teacher educators

Declaimer: Extract of Press release from DHERST on the passing of the PNG Higher Education Institutions Reform Laws.