How to Easily Convert a Pdf File into Editable Word Document


Portable Document File (pdf) file format is widely used to share finished documents of all sorts. Reports, books, handbooks and almost any document. Most of the files shared on websites is in pdf format.

Now, when you want convert a pdf file back to Word or any text file that you can edit the document, you will have problem. Particularly if you are a average computer user and don’t know how to do it. Well, here is a faster way to convert that pdf file into a word or text file so easily. The steps are as follows;

1. Download AbleWord application from

AbleWord software is completely free for personal use and you can download it from the website. Once you have downloaded the software, you can install it just like you would install any other software on your computer.

2. Start or Launch AbleWord, software.

Start or launch  AbleWord just like you would start or launch any software on your computer. The AbleWord screen looks just like Microsoft Word screen but with limited features. If you don’t have money to pay for the  Microsoft Office Suite (popular software that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others), then AbleWord is a good alternative to Word to use. AbleWord does offer all the main features you would find in Word. Microsoft Office Suite price is more than K600.00 in retail. Professional version is more than a K1,000.00.  Better still if you want something very similar to Microsoft Office Suite than you can use LibreOffice  or OpenOffice. Both are very much similar to Microsoft Office and has all the functionalities. Both are Open Source Freeware and any user can download it, install and use it for free.

3. Import pdf Into AbleWord

Next  step is to import your pdf file into AbleWord so that the file can be converted into an editable text file.  Click on File==>Import pdf Text as shown in the image below. This will open up the Open Dialog box for you to locate the pdf file you want to convert to. Select the required pdf file once located in the computer and click Open. If the pdf file is big (eg a book), it will take a some minutes for AbleWord  to process the file. Once the file is completed, it will be displayed as text file.


The converted look will not be exactly as in the pdf file. However, AbleWord does a pretty good job of converting the document text into editable text.

Now you can edit it straight on AbleWord.

4. Save the File as Word File

Click on File==>Save As and in the Save Dialog Box, click the drop-down list under Save As Type, select Ms Word and click Save. See image below.

5. Edit in Word Document

The final step is to open the file you saved as Word document file type from Step 4 using Word Document.

Now the whole document in editable text so you can edit it just the way you like it.