Four Top Online Learning Sites To Learn From PNG


Online Learning is taken to a high new level when COVID-19 pandemic hit the world disrupting classes in Universities and colleges around the world, including Papua New Guinea. Lots of universities and colleges have come to realize that when pandemics like COVID-19 happens, the impact of learning and academic activities can be minimized by using online-learning or technology enabled learning. Unfortunately, higher learning institutions in Papua New Guinea were hit hard and they did not have the capacity implement it during the crisis. COVID-19 has taught them some lessons and online learning is now being implemented in various forms at the Universities. List of universities who have implemented online in some kind of form or shape is on this post.

Admission to University College Programs in PNG as Private Sponsored Student.

If you have left school either due to not being selected during Grade 12 National Selections or due to other reasons, and trying to apply and get into a University Program or College is very hard in Papua New Guinea. Every year admissions into Universities and Colleges in Papua New Guinea is dominated by sheer number of Grade 12 students passing out of Secondary Schools each year and leaving very little or no room at all for those trying to apply for admissions as privately sponsored students. Only a few get admitted, otherwise, higher learning access is shut out.

No Programs Offered Fully online by PNG Universities and Colleges.

Another admission problem for private sponsored students is that none of the Universities and Colleges in PNG are offering any programs fully online.  UPNG has been offering selected undergraduate programs through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode since 2004 but to date, none of the programs is supported by any online leaning management systems (LMS) like Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard   and etc.  The story is same with University of Goroka, Distance and Flixible Learning mode targeted at teachers currently serving in the schools and PNG University of Technology (DODL) center.

Work and Family Commitments.

Most people who are working wants get a university or college certificate but because of work and family commitments, they are unable to make. Current situation is that if they apply and get accepted, then most likely they have to leave their job and go for studies. If they work in provinces where there is no higher education institution, they have difficulties of having to leave their job or family and study in another province or town.

Online Learning Options.

For those who are longing for and higher education certificate, the Internet has made is so much easy to get a qualification from reputable universities in the world.  Reputable Universities and professional industry certification organizations are creating courses and offer them through online learning platforms. The concept is very much similar to online market places like,, and etc, where all sorts of sellers and buyers sell and buy. On the online learning platforms is where learners from around the world and institutions meet to offer their courses and learn. This means any one from PNG can shop for the qualification that he or she needs. Listed below the most popular online learning platforms.

Three Most Popular Online Learning Platforms.


This his hosted by Harvard University in the United States and it has become of the most popular online learning platforms. is offering Professional Courses, Micro Masters, Fully online programs and etc all under one platform. Harvard University being the one of the top universities in the world, it has attracted some of the top universities and organizations like the World Bank, Microsoft, Cisco, and etc.


This is hosted by the UK Open University. UK Open University was the pioneer university in the United Kingdom to fully offer programs online and become the leading university in the Open and Distance Learning field. Recently the one of the largest Human Resource or Recruitment company in Australia,  has acquired shares in it. They have the lasted information about job markets and trends. Lots of reputable universities, in Australia and around the world are offering their programs on this platform.


Coursera has also involved into one of the leading online learning platforms in the world, providing university programs, certification programs and lot more. It also caters for companies to roll out their staff training across their enterprise and to individual students.


For those interested in arts or creative courses, you is offering lost of technical arts and creative course. Whether is computer animation, graphics or illustrations, there is something to learn to develop your creative skills.

If you are stuck of learning opportunities in Papua New Guinea, why not get online and get that qualification.