Programs Offered at National Fisheries College-Kavieng

The PNG National Fisheries college operates as a Division under the PNG National Fisheries Authority based outside of Port Moresby. It is the PNG’s leading fisheries and marine resources training and education institution, providing technical and applied training in capture fisheries, post-harvest, cultured, marine resources management and sustainable development.

National Fisheries College (NFC) Location.

National Fisheries College (NFC) is located in New Ireland Province in the New Guinea Islands Region of Papua New Guinea. It has two facilities, the main college campus and Mariculture Research Facility on Nago Island,  nearby.

National National Fisheries (NFC) main Campus.

Nago Island Mariculture Research Facility

Main Qualifications Or Programs Offered by the National Fisheries College (NFC)

Commercial Fishing Operation Program

Provides training for Commercial Fishing Vessels or ships and Artisanal Fishery in fishing communities.

  • FC1G17 Certificate 1 in Commercial Fishing Operations
  • FC1P17 Certificate 1 in CFO (Purse Seine)
  • FC2SC17 Certificate 2 in Commercial Fishing Operations (Coastal Skipper)
  • FC2AE17 Certificate 2 in Commercial Fishing Operations (Assistant Engine Driver)
  • FC3M17 Certificate 3 in Commercial Fishing Operations (Offshore < 24 meters)
  • FC3D17 Certificate 3 in Commercial Fishing Operations (Engine Driver-Grade 2)

Aquaculture Program

Providing training for Commercial Aquaculture Farms and Community fish farming.

  • FQ117 Certificate 1 in Aquaculture.
  • FQ217 Certificate 2 in Aquaculture
  • FQ317 Certificate 3 in Aquaculture.
  • FQ417 Certificate 4 in Aquaculture.

Post-Harvest Operations Program

Providing training for Fish Processing Facilities and Artisanal Fishery in the fishing communities in PNG.

  • FP117 Certificate 1 in Post-Harvest Operation
  • FP217 Certificate 2 in Post-Harvest Operation
  • FP317 Certificate 3 in Post-Harvest Operation
  • FP417 Certificate 4 in Post-Harvest Operation
  • FP0HACCPB17 – Statement of Attainment in HACCP – Basics
  • FP0HACCPI17 – Statement of Attainment in HACCP – Advanced
  • FP0RP17 – Statement of Attainment in Understanding a Retort Process
  • FP0CIFSA17 – Statement of Attainment in Conduct – Internal Food Safety Audit

Governance and Compliance Programs

Providing training for Governance and compliance in the fisheries sector.

  • FGC217 Certificate 2 in Fisheries Officer Operations.
  • FGC317 Certificate 3 in Fisheries Officer Operations.
  • FGC4EC17 Certificate 4 in Fisheries Officer Operations (Enforcement & Compliance)
  • FGC4GF17 Certificate 4 in Fisheries Officer Operations (General Fisheries Operations)

Artisanal / Community Fisheries Courses:

  • FQ0APONICS17 – Certificate in Aquaponics – Concepts of integrated Plant and Fish Farming
  • FP0AMFSR17 – Statement of Attainment in Applying and Monitoring Food Safety Requirements

Fisheries Business Related Courses

  • FB0BA17 – Certificate in Business Awareness
  • FB0BP17 – Certificate in Business Planning
  • FB0FA17 – Certificate in Financial Analysis
  • FB0MFC17 – Certificate in Managing a Fishery Cooperative

Detailed Programs Information Brochures and Application Forms.

Detailed program brochures and application forms can be downloaded from the National Fisheries website as follows:

Contact Information

National Fisheries Authority (HQ)

Phone: (675) 309 0444  Extension : 800


National Fisheries College

P.O.Box 239

Kavieng, PNG

Phone: (675) 948 2187 or Fax: 984 3243