OK TEDI Development Foundation 2021 Education Scholarship Scheme

The OK Ted Development Foundation is now offering 2021 Scholarship award to all eligible School Leavers and Non-School Leavers from the Preferred Area Development (PAD) and the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) Regions in Western Province. If you are NOT from PAD/CMCA region of Western Province, please DO NOT apply.


  • Education (Teaching): Diploma or Degree at recognized Colleges and Universities
  • Health-Diploma or Degree at recognized Colleges and Universities.
  • Agriculture-Diploma or Degree at recognized Colleges and Universities
  • Business Studies-Diploma or Degree at recognized Colleges and Universities
  • Technical Trade-Diploma in all Trades recognized Technical Colleges
  • Undergraduate Studies-Diploma or Degree at all recognized Universities


All students who wish to apply for the scholarship program MUST:

  • Be from PAD or CMCA region of Western Province
  • Be a current Grade 12 student in Secondary School or studying under Distance Learning Program (DODL/FODE)
  • Be a Grade 12 student up-grading his/her marks under Adult Matriculation program
  • Be a PAD/CMCA region studying at a recognised tertiary institution who is not under the OTDF scholarship program in 2019
  • Have Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 and above under order to be eligible.
  • Have a minimum level Grade 12 Education.

Supporting Documents

Application submitted must have copies of;

  • Grade 10 & 12 certificate or Adult Matriculation certificates
  • Official academic transcripts from DODL/FODE or tertiary institution
  • Acceptance Letter from the College or University within the country (PNG).

Students currently doing Grade 12 will only provide us your acceptance letter from College or University plus your Grade 10 & Grade 12 certificates for awarding Scholarship.

You will not fill a Non-School Leaver OTDF Scholarship application form.

All interested Non-School Leaver applicants who meet the above requirements and have received acceptance letter from Colleges or Universities may collect OTDF scholarship application form from;

The Scholarship Office (Bonnie Yakumani & Shemila Kasi)

Community Education Services

Ok Tedi Development Foundation

P.O.BOX 21, Kiunga

Western Province

Email: Bonnie.Yakumani@otdfpng.org and Shemla.Kasi@otdfpng.org

The Non-School Leavers application must be submitted to us before 31st November 2020

For more information check the website : https://www.otdfpng.org/

Authorized by

Eric Kuman

Executive Manager Program Services