UOG Calls for Interests-Post Graduate Diploma in Education.


Rational or Program Structure

The University of Papua New Guinea (UOG) through it’s business arm, Unigor Ltd commenced offering Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and Post Vocation Teacher Education (PVTE) programs during the Christmas Vacation Period (CVP). These programs will continue this year and beyond until the demand for “qualified professional teachers” in schools is met. Appointment of “untrained/unqualified” teachers in schools is forced on by increased student numbers and more new schools. UOG has responded to specifically design and offer these programs for “untrained” teachers. The programs are offered in two sessions of 6 ½ weeks each.

Session 1 PGDE/PVTE Programs-New Candidates  for 2020/2021 (Cohort 4)

Course Duration:

Session 1 Courses begin 30th November 2020 and ends on the 13th of January 2021. Candidates travel to Goroka (UOG) Campus by 27th November 2020.

Session 2 PGDE/PVTE Programs-New Candidates  for 2020/2021  CVP (Cohort 3)

Course Duration/Venue:

For those who have completed Session 1 courses will continue with Session 2 courses at Goroka Campus from  30th November 2020 and ends on the 13th of January 2021. Candidates travel to Goroka (UOG) Campus by 27th November 2020.

Teaching Practice for Cohort 3, will be assessed in School Term 3, 2020 at the schools that candidates are currently teaching. Continuing candidates MUST contact Unigor Office ASAP to inform your present school so that TP Supervision is arranged for you.

Mt.Hagen Group.

For those who have completed Session 1 Courses in Mt.Hagen, will continue with Session 2 Courses at a venue to be confirmed, in Mt.Hagen; if WHPG pays for the fees. Otherwise, individuals pay their own fees, can enroll and complete their studies at Goroka Campus, together with COHORT 3. The time frame will be the same as mentioned above.

PGDE/PVTE Candidates Entry Requirements.

  • A candidate for these two programs must have;
  • Filled in an Application Form
  • A first degree in any discipline from a recognised University for the PGDE program or
  • A diploma in any discipline from a recognised college or university for the PVTE program or
  • A tradesman certificate in a technical field of specialization from the PVTE program,
  • A minimum of 1 year teaching experience in schools or any related training institution
  • Support letters from the Provincial Education Advisors to advise your current teaching position/status
  • Certified copies of transcripts and certificates enclosed.
  • A recent passport size photograph duly signed is attached to the Application Form

Fee Payment Banking Details

Candidates pay fees directly into the BSP Account of Unigor Consultancy

Bank Account No# 1000 946020

Account Name:  Unigor Consultancy

Bank:                 BSP Goroka


  • Company accepts only Bank Cheque and Cash Deposits. No personal or other cheque deposits
  • It is your responsibility to pay the correct amount into the right account before you register.
  • Anyone trying to enter the program by fraudulent means or scams will be prosecuted under the Criminal Law of PNG.

Outstanding Fees

COHORT 2: Eligible Graduates with outstanding fees must pay before the 19th  of June 2020

COHORT 2/3: Continuing students must be paid before the end of October , 2020

Application Forms and Closure

Application forms are available at Unigor Office or call, or can be requested through email (see contacts below). Application closing date is 30th August 2020. Application fee is K50.00

All Applications Must be Addressed to:

PGDE/PVTE Programs, Unigor Ltd, P.O.BOX 1615, Goroka, EHP, PNG

Email: unigormaloloprogram@gmail.com or unigorprojects@gmail.com

Website: www.unigoroka.ac.pg

For applications forms & programs details;

Telephone: +675 532 3782 Mobile +675 725504771 or +675 79922538

For expediency & prompt response applications are emailed to the above email addresses.


  • Spaces will be limited therefore those who pay up front and meet all requirements will be served on first come first serve basis
  • That Unigor Ltd has the right to change or cancel any of the training venues and programs and as such alterations will be informed accordingly.

Endorsed by;

Professor Musave Sinebare

Vice Chancellor

University of Goroka

Mr.Joseph Poimb Kata

Managing Director

Unigor Ltd & subsidiaries

Declaimer: This article is the exact version of public notice by University of Goroka in the national newspaper on the 3rd of June 2020.