Maprik Secondary School Opened a New Computer Lab With Support From Local MP.

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Maprik Secondary School.

The future of the country is in the hands of the new generation, and education is the tool this generation needs to take this country forward. Current minister for Agriculture and Livestock and local MP for Maprik John Simon said this while officiating the opening of a new computer laboratory for Maprik Secondary school in East Sepik province.

The computer lab has 40 laptops to cater for students in Grade 11 and Grade 12. The investment was part of the local MP’s contribution to investing in the education and future career aspirations of the young generation in his electorate.

Need for ICT Skills

The MP stressed during the occasion that the current generation need ICT skills to survive in a more connected world. Students need to be ICT literate to be in par with the rest of the world.

The idea for the project came when he visited the school back in 2019 and students at that time expressed their need for computers in the school to do their studies, do research using internet and to learn general computing skills. This has prompted the MP to seek funding of K200,000.00 towards the completion of the project. More than a 1000 students from Maprik pass through the secondary school and it is worthwhile investment given the benefit it will be for this many number of students every year. The school currently has a student population of 1024 students and it gained it’s Secondary School status ten years ago in 2010.

Other Contributions towards the Project.

A commitment of K10,000.00 was also announced during the event by the current Secretary for Department of Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Daniel Kombuk who accompanied the Minister as part of the official delegation. The money will go towards purchasing a agriculture related content software which students will use to learn more agriculture related content using the laptops. The secretary encouraged the students to give their best efforts in their studies.

Three Awards Announced

The delegation has also announced three student awards to be presented during the close of 2020 academic year. These awards were:

  • John Simon’s Leadership Award
  • Agriculture Minister’s Award
  • Department of Agriculture and Livestock Secretary’s Award

Maprik Secondary School Principle Mr. Alfred Akai  thanked the Minister  by stating that the school has seen a lot of contributions in terms of such projects, support and others during the MP’s term in office till now and they look forward to working closely with the PM to improve services in the district.