Diploma in Law (Prosecutions) at UPNG School of Law

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Diploma in Law-Prosecutions-Program Rationale

Papua New Guinea a total of seven (7) universities. Five (5) (University of Papua New Guinea, University of Goroka  PNG University of Technology, PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment, Western Pacific University) are state universities while two (Pacific Adventist University, Divine Word University) are operated by church agencies. Three (4) of the state run universities are fully established and forth one  (Western Pacific University)  is undergoing campus construction in the Pangia District in the Southern Highlands Province. University of Papua New Guinea is the country’s first and oldest University in the country.

University of Papua New Guinea is the only university in the country that has a School Of Law offering the Bachelor of Law and the Diploma in Prosecutions in the country. The other universities do offer some legal course but these courses are one of course unit in other main stream programs. For example, other Universities offer a popular course called Business Law as part of their Business Programs such as Bachelors in Business Management or Accounting.

University of Papua New Guinea School of Law  recognized the need basic legal training for people  who are already in the workforce either in the public or private sector. These employees are specialized and skilled in their own professional field but need to have sound fundamental legal skills and knowledge. Particularly those involved in prosecution, enforcement & Compliance work.

Therefore, the School of Law  offers the Diploma in Law-Prosecution program for these target group. It is a two-year program with a total of four semesters.

Diploma In Law-(Prosecutions) Eligibility Criteria

As for the Diploma in Law (Prosecutions) selections, the School of Law gives priority to all policemen/women and other workers from government & private sectors who are involved in prosecution, enforcement & Compliance work. Applicants must have matriculated with a minimum GPA of 2.75 and must have gained some relevant work experience in prosecution, enforcement & Compliance work.

Program Duration & Course Units Per Semester.

Program is a two-year program with four academic semesters. There are total of sixteen course units in the program as follows:

Year 1-Semester 1

  • Introduction to Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Communication & Life Skills
  • Computer Literacy & Numeracy

Year 1-Semester 2

  • Customary Law
  • Crime & Criminal Justice System
  • Ethics & Civics
  • Law Study Skills & Library Research

Year 2-Semester 1

  • Criminal Law
  • Law of Evidence
  • Criminology & Penology
  • International Law

Year 2-Semester 2

  • Trial Practice & Criminal Procedures
  • Practice & Procedure in Transnational
  • LLB Option 1: Principles of Equity & Trust
  • LLB Option 2:  1 more law option.

Application Process

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply once the University of Papua New Guinea calls for Non-School Leavers Application. Since this program is targeted at working people, the applicants need to apply as Non-School Leavers. Call for Non-School Leavers Application  comes out around June each year.

Since 2019, UPNG Applications are normally filled online via the UPNG website www.upng.ac.pg. Applications are encouraged to check the UPNG website around June each year for the next Academic Year.

Current Grade 12 students can apply for the Bachelor of Law program through the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) HECAS scholarship program through the normal School Leaver Form.

It is also important to note that Applicants applying in from other provinces need to consider their accommodation options in Port Moresby. Most NON-School Leavers applicants normally register as Self-Sponsored students. Possibility to apply for the Government’s introduced Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) is there. All that is required is to get admitted as a Self-Sponsored student and then apply for HELP through DHERST.

Contact Details of UPNG School of Law

The Executive Officer

School of Law

P.O Box 320

University Post Office 134

National Capital District

Papua New Guinea

Phone No:+675 3267 481

Fax No: +675 3267 424


Website: https://www.upng.ac.pg/SOL-home