UPNG University of Technology Defers 2020 Graduation Due to Coronavirus


Decision Rationale

The Papua New Guinea University of Technology through its Academic Board has decided to defer its graduation this year indefinitely because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This decision has been made as part of the preventive and control measures to reduce impact of the corona virus.

The Academic Board and Senior Executive Management Team reached this difficult decision taking into consideration the declaration by the World Health Organization that coronavirus is pandemic. The high alert levels imposed by the National Government and severe impact of virus around the globe and the high level of risk for cross infection that the graduation may pose to the attending public from all parts of the country, including staff and students of the University. The Board is also mindful of the limited resources and facilities in PNG that will be needed to contain any pandemic outbreak.

PNG Government Directive on Coronavirus Pandemic

The Boards decision is also I adherence to the National Government’s instructions to all people to avoid public gatherings during this period of the high level of alertness due to the coronavirus pandemic

The graduation alone will attract over 15,000 people from all over the country, and this poses a serious risk to staff and students at the University, as well as for the country. One infected person, can infect a good number of people, who in turn will return back to their home provinces and infect others. Imagine how many provinces will be infected should this happens. We will have a catastrophe if that happens.

The Unitech Academic Board Decision

The Board therefore resolved the following;

  1. In order to avoid an environment conducive to the spread of the virus, the Board has reached this unfortunate and painful decision to postpone graduation indefinitely. It is not possible to determine a date of the ceremony since no one knows when the pandemic will end.
  2. All Unitech students who have been recommended by the Academic Board to graduate be granted their graduation certificates and academic transcripts by mail on April 3rd. Original hard copies of certificates and academic transcripts will be sent by courier mail or registered mail to the graduands and soft copies of the same documents be sent by e-mail

The Academic Board noted the importance of celebrations and joy by parents and communities during graduation ceremonies but the situation of the corona virus pandemic calls for special care and restrictions this year. The Board regrets the inconvenience that is forced on us and calls on students and parents to work together to minimize damage that can be caused by the pandemic.

Contact Details for Students and Parents

Graduates can contact the Acting Examinations Officer, Ms Grace Alfat on 4734285 and for Post Graduate contact Mr. Gabriel Paul on 4734280 . All email enquiries can be directed to


Dr.Ora Renagi OL

Vice Chancellor & Chairman of Academic Board