How To Reset Admin Password in Windows 10 PC


If you need to reset your admin user password on your  laptop  or desktop PC  for work, study, or personal use, this article will be very helpful to you. Also, if you are a self-learned PC Technician or someone with IT background and needs to help reset admin password for other people’s PC, you will find this method helpful in your line of work.

Microsoft Windows 10 operating system powered Personal Computers (PCs) are common in workplace and private personal computers like laptops. As such, most people would try their best to remember the login password of their PCs. However, in several instances, the user can find it hard to either remember the password or have a PC which someone else had set up the password. Instances like the following;

The PC may  boot or start well and shows the login screen but you can’t login due to either you having forgotten your own password (this happens if you have not used your PC for a longer period of time than you used to) or password was set up by someone else and there is no way you can get the password from that  person. Then here is what you do to reset the admin password in a Windows based desktop or laptop PC.


Go to  website and download the Free version of Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home. This utility software is one of the best, not only to recover passwords but also to recover PCs that are not functioning probably and recover lost data. Kind of three (3) utilities program in one.

To do this you will off course require a PC with internet connection. Can also be downloaded using your Smartphone.

Install Lazesoft Recovery Utility Software In Another PC.

Once the download is completed, the next thing is to  install the software in another PC that is  running on any Windows operating system. It is recommended that PC is running on Windows 10 as well. Otherwise, other versions like Windows 8, Vista will do. This is important because, you need to create the start up disk CD/DVD or USB Flash disk.

Create the Bootup CD/DVD or USB Flash Disk

When you have finished installing the software, you can now create the Boot Disk CD/DVD/ USB Flash disk). For this you will need a blank CD/DVD or USB Flash disk with enough space. Recommend it has  more than 2 Gb in size. If you want to use a USB flash disk, make sure it is empty. If you have existing files in it, back them up somewhere before using it. Insert the usb flash disk or CD/DVD and launch or start Lazesoft. The main screen will be as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1-Lazesoft main screen.

  1. Click the top Burn CD/DVD/USB Disk.
  2. In the next dialog screen you need to specify the target computer’s (one with the Login Problem) operating system version. If target computer is same (eg, Windows 10) then, leave the default option given (Same as this computer). Otherwise, you need to specify the target’s computer’s Operating System version from the list.
  3. In the Bootable Media selection, you can your option. CD/DVD, USB flash disk or ISO. Note, ISO option is if you want to store the boot up files so in the future if you need to create a boot disk, you can just create it from the ISO file than using Lazersoft.
  4. Wait for the Book media creation to complete.
  5. Once done, you are ready to use it on the problem PC.


The default boot up sequence is Hard Disk for most PCs. So before you boot up using your Bootable media you have just created, you need to set the Boot Order sequence of the problem PC to either CD/DVD or USB Flash disk (based on what you have created).

  1. Restart the PC and while starting press the BIOS access key (F1, F2 etc). Most PCs it would be F1 or F2 keys on your keyboard. If those doesn’t work and PC starts normally, then you need to do an internet search with the key words as follows:

“Bios Access Key Lenovo B250”

Without “ “ marks and replace Lenovo B250, with the brand and model  details of the PC you are working with.

Once you get the correct BIOS access key, press it while the PC restarts till you get the BIOS screen.

  1. Look for the Boot Sequence option in the BIOS screen and set it to either DVD/USB Flash disk as first option. Note: to change sequence, the keys are normally the + (plus) or – (minus) keys on the keyboard. Which keys to change values will be on the instructions given at bottom of the BIOS screen .
  2. Once the sequence is set, the press F10 to accept and save the changes and exit.
  3. The PC will start from the CD/DVD or USB drive with the Lazesoft.

The Lazesoft main screen will be displayed


Select Password Recovery option. And follow the instructions. Lazesoft will display all the list of users and their account types (Standard/Administrator). Select the user required and reset the password. Recommended that you look for the ones with Administrator type.


Once you have finished resetting, click Close and Restart button. Remove the usb disk or CD/DVD and restart the PC.

The PC will start as normal and when you click on the User, password will no longer be required.