How to Easily Copy Excel Worksheets To Avoid Tedious Copy and Paste Method.


Excel Workbook consists of many related worksheets. By default Microsoft Excel 2016 when it starts, it displays a single worksheet. This is kind of nice because, the number of worksheets depends on the type of records that need to be kept together in a single Excel Workbook. So, the user can add as he/she needs a worksheet.  The default number of worksheets can be set to a different number.

Click File==>Options==>General. Then under the “When Creating New Workbooks” section, change enter the required number in the “include this many worksheets” number box.

Rename an Excel Worksheet.

The default worksheet name is Sheet1, and any subsequent worksheet added is named Sheet2, Sheet3 and etc. These names are not reflective of the data contained in a worksheet. So, it is important to rename the worksheet to a more descriptive name that reflect the nature of records kept in that particular worksheet. For example,  if two worksheets in a Workbook contains records for Employees, and Sales records, respectively, it’s not good to leave them under Sheet 1, and Sheet 2 names. Instead, the names should be Employees, and Sales2012 or something. Here how is to rename a worksheet

  1. Right mouse click on the worksheet name tab.
  2. From the pop-up menu, click Rename
  3. Delete the default Sheet 1 and type a more reflective name, eg Employees.

Copy an Excel Worksheet.

It is easy to copy a particular Excel worksheet from an Excel Workbook. Excel worksheets can be copied and placed within the Workbook, copied to  another New workbook, or to an Existing Workbook. Both of theses copy options are explained here.

Copy Excel Worksheet within an Excel Workbook.

Copying Excel worksheets is necessary in stances like:

  • Apply the same worksheet format across for all worksheet records.
  • Keep the original worksheet records intact and use copy of it to do modifications and calculations.
  • Clean up the data before merging it to a master worksheet and same time maintain the original data worksheet intact.
  1. Right mouse click on the sheet name tab
  2. From the pop up menu, click Move or copy
  3. From the Move or Copy dialog box, check Create a copy checkbox (important). Click OK.
  4. Rename the copied worksheet.

Copy Excel Worksheet to a New Workbook.

Copying an Excel worksheet to another new workbook is necessary if you are trying to pass a specific worksheet to another person. For example, if you  several worksheets containing different records, you can copy only a specific worksheet out and move it to a new workbook file. It that way, you don’t pass the whole information if someone asks for a specific set of information or records.

  1. Right mouse click on the sheet name tab
  2. From the pop up menu, click Move or copy
  3. From the Move or Copy dialog box, check Create a copy checkbox (important).
  4. Under To book, drop-down list, click New Book and click OK.
  5. Excel will automatically Open a New Book with the copied Worksheet.

 Copy Excel Worksheet to an Existing Workbook File.

This process is very handy when you are working on a specific Excel Workbook and you might need data from an existing Excel file. You don’t need the hassle of copying and paste between the two files. All you need to do is copy/move a copy of the worksheet from the existing file into the current file you are working and then you can work  on the single (current) file.

  1. Make sure you open both existing file. (Both the current file and existing file ) are open.
  2. From the existing file, right mouse click on the sheet name tab of the sheet you want to make a copy.
  3. From the pop up menu, click Move or copy
  4. From the Move or Copy dialog box, check Create a copy checkbox (important).
  5. Under To book, drop-down list and select the name of the current Excel File.
  6. Click OK. Excel will move a copy of the Entire worksheet to the current Excel file.
  7. Close the existing file.

That’s how easy it is to hope move or copy worksheets around.