Goroka Technical College 2020 School Fess & Registration Information.

Goroka Technical College course fee for both Diploma in Business Studies, Vehicle Trade Studies and Short Courses.

Self-Sponsor and HECAS Fees (Both)

Day Student Fee

Fees                           Year 1              Year 2

Semester 1                   K2,453.00               K2,253.00

Semester 2                   K2,253.00               K2,253.00

Total Annual Fee        K4,706.99               K4,506.00

Boarding Student Fee

Fees                                  Year 1               Year 2

Semester 1                          K3,847.40         K3,647.40

Semester 2                         K3,647.40          K3,647.40

Total Annual Fee              K7,494.80          K7,294.80

Foundation Studies-Day Fee

Bridging courses to Business K1,000.00 and duration is 10 Weeks.

Registration Information

Day Fees-Diploma in Business Studies and Vehicle Trade Studies students will pay full fee of K4,706.00 or K2,453.00 semester one fee. An additional K100.00 is charged for safety gears for vehicle trade courses.

Boarding Fees-HECAS and Self-sponsored students will pay K7,494.80 or semester one fee of K3,847.40. HECAS will pay the same fees as Self-Sponsored students. Upon receiving DHERST (boarding & Lodging ) portion of their fees from the Department then, their money will be refunded.

No guarantee letters from banks, super funds, provincial government offices, MP’s offices or higher organizations would be entertained. So prepare in advance and come.

Registration day is from the 03rd to the 14th of February 2020

Classes resumes on the 17th February, 2020

All payments must be paid into:

Account Name: Goroka Technical College

Account No#:  1000752036

Bank: Bank South Pacific (Goroka Branch)

Students must arrive during the registration week. Mess will open for boarding students from the 07th February 2020.

Contact Information

Phone: 532 1039 / 532 2332 Fax: 532 1283 Email: gkatechnical@gmail.com

Note: This post was exact extract  of the college’s  public notice which appeared in the National Newspaper Wednesday 6th February 2020