DHERST-Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) 2020 Implementation


Following meetings with the Prime Minister, the Hon.James Marape MP, and the Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST), the Hon.Nick Kuman, MP, I reconfirm that the Government’s commitment to student funding for the 2020 academic year is that:

All students enrolled at registered Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) will be eligible for a HELP Loan in 2020.

On behalf of the Government, DHERST has written to ALL Registered Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) seeking their full cooperation to:

  • Enroll all eligible students for the academic year 2020 as per the institutions student quota.
  • Assist those eligible student to complete the required HELP DECLARATION FORM available through the Registrar’s office.

The HELP Declaration Form represents a student’s intention to apply for HELP and enter into a HELP LOAN Contract once all legal and administrative arrangements of the HELP scheme are in place.

At the end of March, all eligible students who have lodged a HELP DECLARATION FORM with the Registrar of their institution will be sent a Letter of Offer to apply for HELP.

HELP Loan Contracts will be finalized in April 2020.

The HELP Loan Application and the HELP LOAN CONTRACT will be available on the DHERST website in March.

The first payment of HELP Funding will be issued to all registered Higher Education Institutions in April 2020.

DHERST is committed to ensuring that all higher education institutions receive payment as soon as possible.

Most importantly, for students without the ability to pay for fees, all registered higher education institutions have been advised not to turn away eligible students at the beginning of the 2020 academic year registration.


  • Students who have been awarded TESAS will have been informed by now. Your TESAS award is currently being processed by DHERST.
  • Students on TESAS awards will be also be eligible to apply for HELP to cover gap payments.
  • Students not on TESAS or HELP will continue to pay their fees to the institution in the usual way at the commencement of the Semester.

What DHERST Will Do Over The Coming Weeks.

  • Conduct a national awareness program across the country so that students have an opportunity to fully understand the legal consequences of signing the HELP Loan Contract.
  • Work closely in corporation with the PNG NID National Statistics office to issue National Identity cards for Students.
  • Upload the new HELP Handbook and revised TESAS Handbook on the DHERST website.
  • Send Letters Of Offer (End of March) to all eligible students who have lodged a HELP Declaration Form, inviting them to formally apply for HELP.
  • Upload the formal HELP Loan Application and the HELP LOAN Contract on the DHERT website.
  • Please be assured that we will keep students, parents, higher education institutions and the general public regularly informed on the progress of HELP implementation.

Professor Fr.Jan Czuba