Free 5 Weeks Mooc Course from Total E&P Limited (TEP PNG)


Total E&P Limited (TEP PNG)  is now offering a free online course to give Papua New Guineans an opportunity to learn about the challenges of energy transition and sustainable development for a low-carbon future. The program uses the Paris Agreement global warming scenario as its main reference. It requires only two to three hours per week for five weeks  to complete the course.

The program aims to help participants to understand the technical concepts and innovation challenges of a decarbonized energy mix to mitigate the climate change impacts associated with global warming.

TEP PNG TVET Scholarship Program For Gulf Students.

TEP PNG has made significant commitment to education in PNG. It established a TVET Scholarship Program which is focused on the development of the youth in Gulf Province of PNG. Forty Secondary School Graduates who were sponsored by TEP PNG completed NC1 at POMTECH in 2019. They will continue to NC2 and 3 in 2020. A further group of 40 secondary School Graduates from Gulf Province will be sponsored by TEP PNG to being NC1 studies in Semester 1, 2020. This TVET program is ongoing with the objective to provide the skill-base to underpin the broader economic development that will be stimulated in Gulf Province by the PNG LNG Project.

The Graduates from the TVET Scholarship program will also form a  ready pool of well-trained workers for the project contractors to consider and recruit during the construction and production phase of the Papua LNG Project. Successful graduates from the TVET program will also be eligible to apply for further training as operator and maintenance technicians during production. These are long-term job opportunities.

TEP PNG MOOC Online Course

This MOOC program is intended for students and professionals interested in the energy transition challenge and innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. More specifically, it is intended for those willing to gain knowledge about developing a decarbonized energy mix based on both renewable and natural gas, under CO2 and energy storage, energy efficiency and CO2 abatements in processes, biofuels.

In general the MOOC is for those who are convinced that climate change is really a challenge that can be sustained through concrete solutions and social awareness.

MOOC is a five-week program requiring 2-3 hours per week. The weekly topics include:

  • Week 0: MOOC Introduction: Energy Transition Challenges
  • Week 1: Energy mix part 1: Renewables for electricity generation in a carbon constrained world.
  • Week 2: Energy mix part 2: Underground resources; geothermal power and natural gas
  • Week 3: Underground CO2 storage and energy storage
  • Week 4: Energy efficiency in processes, biofuels, bio sourced chemicals and benefit regarding CO2 emissions.

If you are interested , you can sign up at: or contact for further information. All contents are online and free.

Registration opens on 27th January 2020 and closes on 21st February 2020

Register before Feb 21st at :