Best Free Software For Personal Laptops


Looking for best free software for a personal laptop on the  internet can be tricky and time consuming. The internet is full of  free software looks genuine on the surface are sometimes load with virus, malware and etc. Therefore, it is important to do a better to do a bit of research  on the internet. However, with internet access being a major problem in Papua New Guinea and for most students and general laptop owners ,finding the best free software can be problematic.

Finding the Best Software for Laptop.

For most students and individuals,  when it comes to really becoming productive with a laptop, it all comes down to the kind of software installed in it. Look at the different application software’s as stationary supplies in an office or tools in a toolbox of a trade person. The PC is the physical office space or trade person’s workshop. Almost any job that needs to done using a computer requires the right software to do it.

So, for most students in PNG with laptops, there is often  inadequate and in some institutions non-existent student ICT support services. Added to that is the lack of institution provided internet access.

However, despite these problems, students and individuals can still some very core  fundamental software to make their learning easier and become productive in their tasks with minimal cost. Here the some of the best  free software for any individual with a  laptop.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is the most popular and widely used bundled software application. With a single installation,  a whole variety of software can be installed. Most common ones include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, outlook and Access with some additional ones depending on the different visions of it. These are the standard, meaning comes with any version. Microsoft office version 2010 and upwards is better because it has improved functionalities compared to versions earlier than 2010.  It is not free and most PC shops like Able Computing, Daltron, Datec, and etc will recommend customers to include it during their initial purchase of the laptop. It is recommended that it is purchased together with the laptop unless the you are sure to get it from elsewhere to install it.  You must not be fooled with the trial version of office that comes with the laptop from factory. It will work for sometime and stop automatically when the trial period is over. Even if there no other software installed on the laptop, Microsoft Office will help with almost common your work.

Two other alternatives to Microsoft Office  and  totally free to download from the internet and use are OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

They are free or open source software and anybody can download and use them. If there is no way Microsoft Office is accessible, then OpenOffice or Libre will do. They can be downloaded from the internet using a smartphone or tablet and then installed in the laptop. Their interface is bit different from Microsoft Office but the bundled software are very similar to Microsoft Office.

Adobe Pdf Reader

This software is free to download from the internet and install. Portable document file (pdf) is the filed format used to upload files on websites or send over email or through file sharing platforms like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and etc. Most files are shared electrically is in pdf format. So it good to have it so it can be used to read pdf files. There are lot of pdf readers but the recommended one is Adobe Pdf Reader from To edit a pdf file is bit tricky and for that you need a pdt editor. The free but best is AbleWord. This free software will handle pdf filed editing well. Adobe reader doesn’t have the ability to edit pdf files.

Audio Software.

If your work requires some audio work. For example, if you are Arts/Music student and would like to record your music, author it and etc, then you need Audacity and Ocenaudio. Small file and easy to download and install and have powerful tools to manage your audio production project.



Video Player Software

Although, your Laptop comes with Windows Media player, you still need a software that can play multiple video file formats. For that, you can’t go pass VLC Video Player. It is the most versatile free video player.  Another one that comes very much close to VLC Video player is PotPlayer.

VLC Video Player


Free Call Software

When it comes to making free calls over the internet, Microsoft Skype and Whatsapp desktop versions becomes handy. Before using both applications you need to have a skype account and Whatsapp account to use them. Both are internet based, meaning, they will only work when the laptop is connected to the internet.

Microsoft Skype


Both are popular among mobile phone users. But for laptop, you need to download the desktop versions of them.

Internet Browser Software

When it comes to accessing the internet via the laptop, you need a good browser software. Although, Windows 10 operating system does come with Microsoft Edge browser software, the best is Google Chrome from Google and Opera. Both have a cleaner interface compared to Firefox and Edge.

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge


PC Cleaning Software.

Prolong activities on the laptop can leave junks and other unwanted files inside which can create problems for  it to run properly. Therefore it is important to clean it up  regularly. Also, using the default Windows Control  Panel ‘s Uninstall/Uninstall commands does not work for some software. When a software is uninstalled some of the remnants still remain and hide in the system registry files. Therefore, two  of the best software in cleaning the PC and uninstall  of software are Revo Uninstaller CCleaner. Both are free wares


Revo Uninstaller

To Do List

To organize your list of things to do and be ahead of your tasks, Microsoft To Do becomes handy. Although doesn’t have so many features compared to others, it does give you the ability to manage tasks and check them off as you complete them.

Microsoft To Do


Free software that comes with Windows 10

Two utility software that comes with Windows 10 operating systems but often underutilized are the following

Snipping Tool-

Very handy tool to cut any part of the screen. It is great to size images, cut out sections of documents, screen parts and etc.

Sticky Notes

Allows you to put up reminder notes, just like a stick on notepad on your computer screen.

Both can be accessing  but typing their names in the search box next to the Start button on the PC.

These best free software installed on a laptop, you can make use of your laptop fully and become more productive in whatever activity you may be engaged in.