UPNG Calls for Application for Lahara 2019 to 2020 Session


The University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) is calling for Application for Lahara 2019 to 2020 Sessions. This year it will be offered in two sessions. Bellow are the session dates.

Applications Close:                   4th October, 2019

Registration: Session 1     :      23rd-25th October 2019

Classes: Session 1                     4th November to-13th December

Registration Session 2  :       2nd-6th January 2020

Classes Session 2:                  8th Jan -14th Feb 2020

Important Notes about UPNG  Lahara Program Session

  1. It is mainly intended for continuing or current both Internal (on campus) and External (Off campus-study through Open and Distance and Flexible Learning) students. It helps students to take courses so they can fast track their program or take some courses during Lahara and reduce exempt them during their normal semester session so they have less courses to focus on.
  2. Anybody can apply and take the course for personal enrichment courses. For example, someone would like to take the course Introduction to Law-just to get a basic back ground on law. Those that apply for the purpose of enrichment will not be given any formal UPNG Academic Transcript but they can consult with the academic school where the course comes under to arrange for a certificate of participation to be issued to certify that he/she attended the course during Lahara session.
  3. Students who are discontinued from studies from a semester by the university should not take courses during Lahara and add to their transcript. They might encounter problems with their grades not being uploaded on university transcript system due to their status as discontinued students.
  4. Admission to the Lahara program doesn’t mean admission to the University. All individuals who would like apply for admission into any of the UPNG programs must apply through the normal Non-School Leavers Application process and Grade 12 School Leavers Selection process through DHERST online system.
  5. Students who are doing the Certificate Programs through UPNG Open College, should not take Degree/Diploma courses during Lahara. They should do Certificate courses through NCD Open Campus during Lahara and their grades can be added to their transcript. All Certificate program students are required to complete their full course requirements for the certificate and once they completed the program and issued a certificate they can apply for Admission to any UPNG Undergraduate program of their choice as Non-School Leaver.

Download the Full list of  courses on offer during this Lahara  and other important  details.

Download the Application Form

Download the PPM Course offered under NCD list.

For more information about UPNG, go to www.upng.ac.pg 

For all the different programs under each academic school, see the separate posts link below.

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School of Business and Public Policy 

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