PNG Dept of Education Issues Public Notices on Non-School Leaver (NSL) Applications to Teachers Colleges in PNG For 2020


The Papua New Guinea Education Secretary Dr.Uke Kombra has issued a circular instructions to all the heads of Teachers Training Institutes which sets the important dates to process the Non-School Leavers (NSL) applications and the processed to be followed by them at the institutional level. The circular instruction was especially intended to streamline the NSL applications process, make the selection process transparent to the public.

The key points of the circular as as follows:

  • The Institutional Vetting Committee will do the preliminary NSLs Applications vetting and verify vital credentials which include: Grade 10 and Grade 12 certificates from recognized  secondary and matriculation centers. For Matriculating students, only official certificates that are signed, stamped and issued by matriculating institutions. Vetting committee will only accept applicants who have met these requirements.
  • The adherence to the application processing  official schedule dates specified the PNG Department of Education as shown in the table below
Dates Activity
July  26th , 2019 Closing date for Non-School Leavers Applications forms
August 19th-23rd, 2019 Preliminary Vetting at Teacher College (Institution/TIC)   
Sept 9th -13th, 2019 2nd Vetting at Teacher Education Division 
Nov 22nd , 2019  Education Department’s Endorsement of NSL selected list
Dec 6th 2019 Publication of 2020 NSL Acceptance List
  • All heads of institutions to forward to Teacher Education Division within the Department their student intake quotas for School Leavers  (as required by Department of Higher Education Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) and Non School Leavers (NSL) in order for the department to endorse the required number of students.
  • The The Education Department Secretary  is the only authority who would endorse the final NSL acceptance list and notify the heads of the institutions of the successful candidates for 2020
  • The endorsed list for all institutions would be advertised in the print media.
  • NSL Selections are also scheduled in the Education Calendar to avoid unnecessary delays.

Source: National Newspaper news article