Unitech Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL) Study Centers

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PNG University of Technology (PNG UNITECH) Department of Open & Distance Learning (DODL) offers the Adult Matriculation Program to Grade 10 and Grade 12 school leavers as the bridging program for students to upgrade their Grade 10 and Grade 12 marks. After they completed the Adult Matriculation program, they can then use that certificate to apply to any tertiary institutions of their choice in Papua New Guinea.

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DODL Study Centers & Contact Information.

Currently, DODL has 21  affiliated study centers around the country. Here are the contact list as per public advertisement in the local newspaper by DODL.

1: Arawa Study Center (AROB)

Contact Person: Mr.Joe Talasi            Phone: 71738161    Email: joetalasi@gmail.com

2: Buin Study Center (AROB)

Contact Person: Mr. Joseph Kareba           Phone: 73151605   Email: joseph.kareba@gmail.com

3: Bulolo University College, Morobe Province

Contact Person: Mr.Bazakie Baput            Phone: 474 5266/72530396   Email: bazakie.baput@pnguot.ac.pg

4: Enga Teachers College-Enga Province

Contact Person: Mr.Laka Mado          Phone: 74233261    Email: lakamado@yahoo.com

5: Gerehu Secondary School (NCD)

Contact Person: Ms.Rebita Nahuet          Phone:  3260325/71053977  Email: rnahuet@gmail.com

6: Goroka Secondary School (EHP)

Contact Person: Ms.Lynette Jaggie            Phone: 79876923/72209630    Email: ljaggie3061@gmail.com

7: Hutjena Secondary School (AROB)

Contact Person: Deputy Principal (Academic)    Phone: 73938848

8: Kimbe Secondary School (WNB)

     Contact Person: Mr.James Dabok            Phone: 729964167    Email: kevingee1974@gmail.com

9: Kundiawa Study Center (Simbu Province)

    Contact Person: Mr.Paul Gemba          Phone: 74470114   Email: gembagiggas123@gmail.com

10: Madang Teachers College (Madang Province)

      Contact Person: Mr.John Kaski            Phone: 79432744  Email:  johnmckricks@gmail.com

11: Malaguna Secondary School (Rabaul, ENB Province)

      Contact Person: Mr.Panuel Manuke            Phone: 72344105    Email: malabungafodl.dodl@gmail.com

12: Mt.Hagen Secondary School (Hagen, WHP)

     Contact Person: Mr.Henry Gordon          Phone: 72359542   Email: hgordon.dodhagen@gmail.com

13: OTDF Community Education Services, Kiunga, WP

      Contact Person: Samson Kuman            Phone: 74679061    Email: Samson.Kuman@otdf.org

14: Nimamar Franchise University Center (Lihir-NIP)

       Contact Person: Mr.Kenneth Baras          Phone: 74275698    Email: kennethbaras24@gmail.com

15: Elison Enterprise Ltd, Pomio (ENBP)

        Contact Person: Mr.Soni Elipas            Phone: 72732173    Email: 777tinpis@gmail.com

16: Bungandi Secondary (Lae City, Morobe)

       Contact Person: Deputy Principal-Academic            Phone: 4720746/4724533

17: Lae Secondary School (Lae city-Morobe)

       Contact Person: Deputy Principal-Academic            Phone: 4721844

18: Malahang Technical High School, Lae, Morobe

       Contact Person: Deputy Principal-Academic          Phone: 4727552

20:Markham Open Distance Learning Institute (Umi, Markham Valley, Morobe)

      Contact Person: Mr.Willie Kopilio            Phone: 47409366/4749339/ 74628846 / 75249890

21: Mogol Secondary School (Mendi, SHP)

      Contact Person: Deputy Principal-Academic            Phone: 71708943/71712719


Unitech DODL Program Requirements and Courses.

For full details on courses offered under the Unitech DODL Adult Matriculation Studies program, check the DODL Program post.