Suspension of UPNG Acting Chancellor and Acting Vice-Chancellor


In a public media statement released by the current Minister for Higher Education, Science, Research and Technology, (MHERST)  the current Acting Chancellor, Dr.Nicholas Mann and Acting-Vice Chancellor Mr.Vincent Malaibe have both been suspended just weeks left before the 2019 Academic Year begins.

Dr.Nicholas Mann
Former Acting UPNG Vice Chancellor
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I, the Hon.Pila Ninigi, LLB, MP, Minister for Education, Research, Science and Technology, wish to advise the public that, as of January 22, 2019, Dr.Nicholas Mann, is no longer the Acting Chancellor of the University of Papua New Guinea and also that Mr. Vincent Malaibe is no longer the Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Papua New Guinea. Neither individual has authority therefore to act, in any way whatsoever, on the University’s behalf.

In accordance with the powers given under section 152 (3), (b) of the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2014, I have revoked the membership of the Governing Body (Council) and, therefore, the powers and the authority of the Acting Chancellor, Dr.Nicholas Mann.  Also in accordance with Section 152 (3) (d), I have suspended Acting Vice-Chancellor, Mr.Vincent Malaibe. This decision is effective as of January 22, 2019.


Mr.Vincent Malaibe
Former Acting-Vice Chancellor
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All those with an interest in this matter are asked to take note of the above information and act accordingly.

Hon.Pila Niningi, LLB, MP Minister for DHERST

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